Even skanks need love

August 07, 2007 2:38 AM


Weeks ago in this column I promised I wouldn’t write about Brittany Spears, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan or Nicole Richie. But, they are always in the media, so I am guilty as charged. Brittany is spiraling out of control. Lindsay will be convicted and indicted for being a bad girl. Nicole is five months pregnant and going to jail. But she did assume responsibility for being guilty.

I still think that Paris Hilton will become the modern day Mother Teresa; she is doing charity work, feeding the homeless. Her mother is on QVC selling Paris makeup, handbags, and whatever. By the way, where is Monica Lewinski? Oh to be indicted, you’re invited.

A brand new star is in town. I had lunch with my friend, Ursula, and Michael Paige. He is the new Julio Iglesias. Stay tuned for his new CD. Lunch was great at the Havana Grill.

There has been a lot of news lately on what’s happening in the showrooms. Case in point, I am amazed, even shocked that David Saxe, who has the V Theater, has a show called Vegas Has Talent. I want to judge this fiasco. Vegas has talent? I doubt it. I want to be the judge. Maybe we will find a brand new star. I know what talent is. You have to have the IT factor.

Over at the Liberace Museum, the Wes Winter Showroom is a reality. In attendance was Steve Wyrick with a new hair color — blue-black. He is such a handsome man. Get a life! Also, Bret Barrett from The Phantom was there and so was some of the weird media, including the woman who caused the stir. I was appalled, shocked and delighted to be there among the notables. I did stand out in the crowd. I am still Monti Rock, III, the last time I checked.

Did you all watch America’s Got Talent this week? Did they pick the right winner?

The Sahara now has the new owners in place with a memo sent out that no cleavage can been seen, skirts with flat heels must be worn. Very weird. This isn’t Las Vegas.

My friend, Kenny Kerr, who now lives next door to me, is shopping for a room. Aren’t we all?

Happy Birthday to Marleen Marino and continued success with Vegas Community Online.

Mamma Mia! has added some brilliant new cast members. They sure know how to keep a show fresh and entertaining.

Salseros have found their new home — the South Point Hotel and Casino on Tuesday nights. The big Michito band has people moving feet, hips and everything else to some of the best salsa music this town has seen in a long time. Rumor has it that they may add a Sunday matinee. New York City, in the heyday of the Mambo craze, had Sunday dances all over town. Salseros will dance day and night if given the opportunity.