Key match-ups critical to races

August 07, 2007 4:03 AM


There are three critical match-ups this weekend that indeed will help shape the playoffs if one or two of the teams are able to sweep, or in the case of the Cubs, win three out of four with the Rockies. If they were playing in Chicago I’d say they may have a chance, but in Colorado they would be more than happy with a split of the four games.

The other match-ups of interest are the Yankees at Cleveland and the Brewers at Houston. Whereas the Yanks and Cleveland are essentially fighting for a wild card berth, the fading Brewers are sinking fast and must lead their division to qualify for post season play.

I like all the match-ups mentioned above to be in the over category. Out of the 10 games that they’ll play it looks like you’ve got to go over in at least seven. Even the Astros are scoring and their once reliable pitching staff is now being very generous, so they’re in.

The Yanks and Indians are probably the highest scoring teams in the league and four games at Colorado in the heat of August should show a ton of runs for both sides. It’s hard to believe but I’m beginning to buy into my opinion, as dangerous as that sounds.

I’ve often times been critical of pro sports general managers in the past and this baseball season will be no exception. Led by the team with the best record in baseball, the Boston Red Sox acquired the best available relief pitcher in baseball at the trading deadline. Why, you may ask, would Theo Epstein go after Eric Gagne as his team currently has the very best pitching staff of any in baseball?

The true answer may be to prevent the Yankees from getting him. The facts are the Red Sox need a shortstop that can hit more than .220 with some power, and not another pitcher. The Yankees, who need help down the stretch in many places, got rid of relief pitcher Scott Proctor, who seemed to be in the box score every day for a guy that won’t be in the box score at all.

I just don’t get it! But who am I to be critical of general managers? Look how well the Detroit Lions have done since they began drafting wide receivers every year. And don’t get me started on the lovable Elgin Baylor again of the mighty Los Angeles Clippers.

Did you ever wonder how our society existed before plastic water bottles? Take a look around you and sometimes you’ll see people with one gallon water bottles being carried as nonchalantly as women used to carry purses. Now they leave the purses home and take the water bottles with them instead.

All the water tastes the same to me, but my daughter-in-law Sharon says she can definitely taste the difference. Her favorite is Dasani, which is a real sexy name that makes one visualize a flowing stream from perhaps the Alps with snow covered peaks reflecting the sunshine and sparkle associated with Europe’s highest and purest mountains. Well, the label says Dasani is bottled in Atlanta, Georgia by the Coca Cola Bottling Company. I rest my case!