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Welcome back, Clint!

Aug 13, 2007 11:45 PM

There were a lot of great openings, acquisitions and announcements this past week. First, Clint Holmes has opened for a limited engagement at the Excalibur. I am a fan of Mr. Holmes, big time. His play at the Judy Bailey Theater at UNLV is getting ready for a London opening. It is a work in progress at the moment, my darlings, but you can expect a stellar effort.

I first saw Clint at the Golden Nugget and then at Harrah’s for a five year run. He has done a lot for the community, besides entertaining its citizens. His show is a must-see; it opened Monday and continues through Aug. 29 while Louis Anderson takes a much needed vacation.

Also opening is Ron Lucas who does his afternoon show at the Luxor. We all know that Ron was originally at the Steve Wyrick Theater, and now the Steve is looking for more tenants. He originally had Martin Navarro.

It’s hard to compete at Planet Hollywood when you have David Saxe’s V Theater, which has a four-wall genre all closed up. David knows the magic of the four-wall deal. His mother, Bonnie, was the Queen of the Four Wall Deals and we all know his sister, Melinda, The First Lady of Magic, who really had a long run at the Lady Luck and Venetian. She retired to raise a family.

Now, at Planet Hollywood, or is it Miracle Mile, Krave Theater, has gone through a new management change with Larry Edwards leaving abruptly. If you remember in my column three years ago, I was to be Master of All Ceremonies at Krave, but it is a gay club and I decided to relinquish my crown and give it to Larry Edwards, who did a magnificent job. Remember, he was the Tina Turner, (the best Tina impersonator), at La Cage at the Riviera for 10 to 15 years. But there were too many Dueling Divas and Drama Queens in full force.

 At the Krave Theater we have Little Legends, Little People, The Very Big Show. Now, didn’t Jeff Bleacher have little people in his show? Well, they are going to have Mini Brittany, Mini Elvis, Mini Tina Turner, Mini Sonny and Cher.

What about Mini Me? Mini Happy Hour begins at 4 p.m. Aug. 16-31.

Also at Krave, Breck Wall presents his venerable Bottoms Up. Breck’s one of my favorite people (yeah, right). Which incarnation of Bottoms Up is this? Two, three, four or five? Nonetheless, you have to give it to Breck, as his show, in its many forms, has been booked for 42 years. It could be 50 as far as I am concerned. I marvel at any entertainer with such tenacity and gall and support him in my own way by writing about him.

In New York City, my condolences go to the family and many friends of Larry Matthews. Who was Larry Matthews? He was the man who brought me back from Europe, bought me a hair salon on East 58th Street —the first 24-hour beauty salon that catered to the showgirls, gangsters, and all the night people. He will be sorely missed by the hair people.

Stop the presses! Monti Rock III has found his home! Million Dollar Weddings will be at the fabulous Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. Ron Decal is the genius owner and founder, and is the perfect merger for Mr. Rock. Ron was an entertainer and this chapel has everything! He starred in the Folies Bergere for 12 years as the lead singer. He traveled the world for many, many years and was one of the great entertainers to appear at the Moulin Rouge and all over the world.

Celine Dion is back this week as her countdown continues. Bette Midler tickets are going well. Cher is about to sign any day now to alternate with Bette at the Caesars Coliseum.

For those of you who don’t know, on Sept. 1 it will be 30 years since I did Saturday Night Fever. I am still working on Monti Rock’s reality show, and I’m working on my blog.

My get well wishes go out to Frank Lieberman, who was hospitalized with kidney failure, but is back home now recuperating and on dialysis. Frank and I go back a long time. He opened a door here in Las Vegas for me. He knew me in Hollywood back when I was a crazy starlet making those terrible Westerns, and then later when I was Disco Tex and the Sexolettes, selling seven million records. Thank you, Frank. We need you back.

Hey, all you salseros! Tuesday night at the South Point is getting bigger and better each week. The big band sounds of the Michito orchestra, supplemented by an excellent DJ who keeps things whirling and twirling. And this Sunday the fabulous Gilbert Santa Rosa will be doing his thing.

And for more great sounds and sights see El Cantante at movie screens around town.

If you want to email me, the address has changed. You can now reach me at [email protected] with any gossip or stories you would like to share in this column.