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Here are your test answers!

Aug 14, 2007 12:46 AM

Carol, last week I asked all the folks to respond to a little trivia quiz as a change of pace and to have a little fun.

I offered to give the winner a collection of historical poker chips. These chips are cashable by me at anytime for face value/and or could be used to play in the Hollywood Park Casino in Los Angeles.

All of the chips were made with pictures of the members of The Seniors" World Championship of Poker/Poker Players Hall of Fame.

I received a lot of email answers and have not had a chance to grade all the papers, but I have decided to give the answers and you folks can grade your own.

I was invited to speak to "The Ladies of Mesquite Poker Club" which met last Wednesday at the lodge on Mount Charleston.

Yes, the food was good and the ladies were beautiful!

And Carol was there, and she knows that she does not have to worry about me, now, but 40 years ago is another question.

I gave them the trivia poker quiz, and the winner was Connie McCauley.

And, interestingly, the winner or "The Ladies of Mesquite Poker Club" tournament was Connie’s mother, Betty Howell. Not to see it runs in the family.

Here are the answers:

1. What is the best improvement that has happened to poker in the my playing lifetime?

Answer: The Shuffle-Master card shuffler, which speeds up the game and shuffles the cards and mixes them better than any human dealer can. And it eliminates the "red mechanic" dealer.

2. What is the worst thing that has been invented since the Revolutionary War?

Answer: Air Conditioning. Per my Oklahoma countryman, Will Rogers, "Neither man nor beast is safe when the Congress is in session." Years ago when it got hot in Washington the senators would shut up and go home to sit under a magnolia tree and sip a mint julep. Now with air conditioning the old senators just stay up there in Washington and chase the secretaries around the office or just keep on legislating all year around. We have enough laws on the books to last a spell.

3. What is the best hand in poker?

Answer: The hand that wins the pot! When all the cards have been delivered to the poker players and all of the betting is completed, the high hand of the player that was in the pot at the end of the hand is the best hand.

4. What is the most important rule that a player should follow when playing poker?

Answer: The Golden Rule of Poker is the best hand that is alive at the end of pot should get the money. Do unto the other players as you would have them do unto you.

5. What is the worst rule in poker?

Answer: The string bet rule. I know the standard reasons for the rule, but all the expert players do not use the string bet to get information. They get all the information they need by studying players tells and faking their bets behind the line. The rule only hurts the novice player who does not know how to bet.

6. After the invention of the wheel, what do you think in my opinion is mankind’s greatest creation?

Answer: The Gutenberg printing press. All of the knowledge of all the people is conserved and passed on to the next generation by the use of the printing press so that each succeeding generation does not have to re-invent the wheel.

7. When is the right time to do the right thing?

Answer: ASAP (as soon as possible) after you realize what the right thing is — you should do it!

8. If you had only $10,000 to invest what is the best investment you could make?

Answer: To improve your own knowledge and skill. They can win or steal your money or property, but if you have knowledge and skill they can never take that away. You can always recover and win tomorrow!

9. Who do you think that I think is the best no limit poker player in the world?

Answer: "Texas Dolly" Doyle Brunson.

10. What is my favorite poker game?

Answer: Razz!

11. (tie-breaker) Which is the most honorable and honest of the following professions, persons or sports. Rate them as a top ten.

”¡ Ron McMillan is No. 1, the best of the best with me, so my gift to you of 10 points

”¡ To show you how this works, I’ll give you No. 2, my paper boy, worth 9 points.

”¡ Carol my wife receives 8 points.

”¡ The postman is worth 7 points.

”¡ Poker player receives 6 points.

”¡ All the rest are tied and each receives 5 points: Football, Basketball, Lawyer, Banker, Stockbroker, Used Car Salesman, Contractor, Paper boy, Poker Dealer, Governor of Nevada, President Bush, Wayne Root, Postman, Preacher, School Teacher, Policeman, Your Wife/Husband, CNN newscaster, Senator, Accountant, New Car Salesman, Pit Boss, Casino Owner

OK-J Poker
Tip of the Week

When you are playing poker and there is a problem and you wonder why "somebody" does not correct the problem, then you must realize that you are "somebody" and maybe it is you who should do something!

What you should do is quietly call for a floor person and explain the problem to them. That is their job — to correct the problems — and remember, their decision is final!

Until next time remember to stay lucky.