Scoring scarce in Halos-BoSox

Aug 14, 2007 7:02 AM

I can’t get myself to recommend an exhibition football game, so you’ll have to just settle for some more baseball for at least another two weeks. The most important match-up this weekend will be a four game series between the Angels and Boston.

These two division leaders figure to split out their four game series and I lean towards the under in each match-up. Both sides have good bullpens and more than adequate starting pitching.

While this is going on the Yankees will be hosting the Detroit Tigers. Hopefully the Tigers will bring their hitting shoes to NY with them. It seems like the whole team stopped hitting for the past week or two ever since Sheffield hurt his shoulder. They may snap back especially against any lefthander like Andy Pettitte — Hint Hint!

In this series, the scores could be all "overs" as the Yanks themselves are averaging almost 10 runs each game for the past week or so.

I keep watching the Diamondbacks and still can’t explain how they keep winning. Is it possible to win a division with your team batting 240 something with no power? I guess so, as the Dodgers used to do it. Of course they had Koufax, Padres and Drysdale and a great bullpen.

By the time Friday came around last week I was in desperate need of anything that even resembled a pick me up. As Bonds surpassed Aaron and the mighty Yankees won eight out of 10 my world was getting crushed as the Milwaukee Brewers lost four in a row and my favorite Cleveland team lost Travis Hafner, their great hitter, for I don’t know how long due to a sore left knee.

To the rescue comes loveable John Daly, after a rousing 67 performance in the opening round of the P.G.A. Tournament. How can anybody root against him — he drinks beer, smokes and plays slot machines instead of wasting his time on the driving range or the putting green. Yes I thought I’d found my answer to my temporary depression by following John Daly for the entire 18 holes in hot, steamy Tulsa, Oklahoma.

For some strange reason the TNT Network focused on Tiger Woods instead of Daly, who was already four strokes ahead of him before play got underway Friday. "How dare them," I muttered, "We’ll show them — go get ”˜em John Baby!"

Well, it only took a half hour to see that they indeed knew what they were doing and I didn’t. For the record, Tiger shot a 63 while my man shot a 73. On top of all that the Yanks won and Boston lost, reducing their lead to a slim five games in the East Division. I went to bed with the feeling that Saturday can’t be any worse, so I’ll get an early start and snap out of my doldrums.

I got an early Saturday morning phone call from one of my kids and he wants to know if I want Tiger or the field for a bet on the P.G.A. Tournament. Well, this child is an unforgiving romantic who gives me a choice for redemption. I take Tiger, naturally. After the day’s activity I now have a three stroke lead, and the thought occurs to me that the second and third players could play best ball tomorrow against just Tiger and he’d still win. Well, I suddenly like my position and even perhaps a total recovery for an apparent lost weekend.

As the night progresses I get overs in all three of my baseball games including a come from behind victory of the Brewers. It gets even better because one of my overs is the Rockies and they beat up on the Cubs, who are pushing my Brewers for the Central Division lead.

Well, all’s well that ends well. I’ll call my kid in the morning and call off the Tiger bet and just sweat the three totals I’ve already committed to.

Have a great week and root for the Yankees to go over and the Angels to go under so as I don’t have to go through a lost weekend again.