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‘Jethro’ closer to realizing Hillbillies casino project

Aug 14, 2007 7:19 AM

Douglas County commissioners voted to allow two 143-foot hotel towers but want to negotiate with developer Max Baer Jr. — formerly "Jethro" on the Beverly Hillbillies — about the 200-foot oil derrick he wants for his Hillbillies-themed resort.

During a five-hour hearing, the panel voted 3-2 to permit the hotel towers on the 23-acre site on the county’s northern border with Carson City. Baer has insisted the towers and derrick are vital to the success of his $100 million project.

The towers vote and negotiations could open the way for final approval. Planning commissioners had approved a special-use permit and zoning to allow the casino.

Commissioner Kelly Kite, who voted for the towers, said he hoped the revenue from the Beverly Hillbillies Mansion & Casino would prevent property tax increases.

A survey by the Carson Valley Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Authority showed popular approval for the project, executive director Jenney Sartin said.