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Scintas make triumphant return

Aug 28, 2007 12:45 AM

This week has many announcements, media events and surprises. It’s good to be the center of attention and I enjoy all of it.

The Scintas are coming back to the Las Vegas Hilton. The talented family bring their popular show back to Las Vegas after a hiatus.

There’s a little history between this columnist, Monti Rock III, and The Scintas. It started when I saw them at the Hilton when they came straight from Buffalo, New York. I thought it was a strange name for a stage act, but their popularity was a great example of "word of mouth" as they took Las Vegas by storm.

They started as the quintessential lounge act. From the Hilton they headed to the Rio and christened their own showroom. Blair Farrington staged the show and they had a pretty good run. We all know that Harrah’s changed its entertainment policy and because of that The Scintas, Clint Holmes and Skintight all left the scene.

The Scintas landed at the Sahara in the showroom that Steve Wyrick built. The room was overwhelming, and remember, a four-wall deal is very hard for any entertainer. Basically this means the entertainer rents the four walls and unless you have all the ticket brokers working for you, an act doesn’t have a chance to develop.

Now, The Scintas will be opening at the Shimmers Cabaret at the Hilton and will be working Fridays through Wednesdays at 9:30 p.m. together with a Monday afternoon show at 2 p.m. They’ll share this showroom with my best friend, Paige O’Hara, starring in Menopause: The Musical. That’s quite a one-two punch!

Thanks to Felix Rappaport, the Luxor has become the new entertainment venue for Las Vegas.

We all know Chris Angel is the new star of the Cirque shows.... magic, magic, magic. Can there ever be too much magic? Apparantly Chris has more than magic working for him. He’s been seen with Minnie Driver, Cameron Diaz, Lindsay Lohan and did I hear Brittney Spears ubiquitous name mentioned?

By the way, Brittnay’s hair is growing back and I can’t wait to get my fingers on it.

But I digress, let’s get back to the Luxor. My favorite producer in the world is Anita Mann. Anita is a fabulous producer and a great director, too. Her show Fantasy has gone through many changes, all for the better with the beautiful Stephany Jordan being her guest star. Last week they held a party for the Fantasy Calendar Relief.

Don’t forget the Luxor also has Ron Lucas doing his afternoon puppet show and Carrot Top doing his stand-up act. We’re all waiting for the Chris Angel extravaganza.

Vegas Magazine had a great cover party at the Mirage in the Revolution Nightclub. It’s good to see all the beautiful people and even some not so beautiful.

Did we all watch one of the summer’s television shows, America’ Got Talent? David Hasselhoff sang This is the Moment, a truly inspirational song. Sorry, This is the Moment, not such a good moment. The show did crown the season’s winner who was Terry Fator, a ventriloquist with a twist. Terry will be going to the Hilton and will also perform with the Jubilee production.

This week Davis Saxe had his Vegas Has Talent Show. Or was that Vegas Does Not Have Talent Show?

It was a treat for the audience Saturday night when Clint Holmes, who is performing "Unplugged" at the Excalibur, brought his girl friend Kelly Clinton to the stage. Kelly did an Elvis Presley song and the crowd gave her and Clint a standing ovation. Seems Kelly is a big Elvis fan and the girl can sing, too. This show is going to be at the Excalibur until August 29. Catch it if you can. Clint is joined by his long time friend and musical director, Bill Fayne, plus a special surprise.

Believe it or not there are sports enthusiasts that visit Monti Rock’s entertainment column so with that in mind, let me comment on the fact we’re all sickened by what we hear and read concerning Michael Vick, the former NFL star. Yes, I said former NFL star. He probably will not be able to maintain his NFL status after this week. Vick and Pacman Jones have dealt the NFL and its fans a couple of bad hands.

To all my readers at GamingToday, don’t forget Saturday Night Fever, the box set, comes out September 1. Also, remind the lovebirds in your life that Reverend Monti rock is performing Million Dollar Weddings (get real”¦ they don’t cost a million) at Viva Las Vegas Chapel.

Thank you, thank you to Wes Winters who accompanied me on my sneak preview at Carluccio’s Piano Bar — what a beautiful club! I brought the house down which means that soon, very soon , Monti will be performing, again,(like I’m not always performing?).