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Put ‘Phillies’ to pasture

Aug 28, 2007 7:59 AM

It’s time the Phillies put Jose Mesa out of his misery and gave him his walking papers. The guy’s fast ball is straighter than a Lawrence Welk reunion.

And while they’re at it, give the pink slip to washed-up reliever Tom Gordon, and 44-year-old Jamie Moyer, whose earned run average is higher than his age.

In a relief stint against the Dodgers last Thursday, Gordon gave up two hits, two walks and three earned runs and didn’t get anybody out.

”¡ This gem before last Tuesday’s game in Philadelphia from Dodger announcer Rick Monday, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that ex-jocks should be schooled in broadcasting before stepping behind the mike: "We can expect 60 percent chance of a little bit of rain. I guess 60 percent chance of rain didn’t quite cover it."