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When it’s Boston vs Chicago, Pale Hose turns red

Aug 28, 2007 9:14 AM

When dealing this past week with "Babe" Owings, 30-run Rangers and Bonds reaching 761, it’s easy to pass over what happened on the South Side of Chicago.

Hint: It was far worse than Bad Bad Leroy Brown. The Red Sox slapped the White Sox around like nobody’s business from Thursday to Saturday in three of the most one-sided matchups in recent memory.

It’s hard to believe the Pale Hose won the world Series two years ago when you see scores like 11-3, 10-1, 14-2, 11-1. The Yanks are none too pleased with Chicago and White Sox fans feel the same about Ozzie Guillen, whose job security is about as safe as a dog on Michael Vick’s compound.

Actually the 14-2 game Saturday was 0-0 in the sixth! Bullpens are bull ... I’ll stop there. Note to me: If I make an OVER / UNDER wager, make sure to take the 5 inning line from now on.

At least, there’s one bit of good news — the Braves finally released Bob Wickman. Good guy, brutal closer and in need of Jenny Craig.


Chisox at Rangers: Garland is 0-3 in his last 3 outings for slumping Hose. That 46-7 hangover lingers. ROYALS.

Red Sox vs Yanks: Beckett against the Rocket. Fasten you’re seat belts. Each is hot. RED SOX.

Angels at M’s: Felix Hernandez is a stud and a big game pitcher. M’s.


Mets at Phils: NY has won last 9 times El Duque has started. METS.

Last week’s record: 5-1-1.

Regular season: 98-61 (61.6%)