Fantasy turns real in week 1

Sep 4, 2007 3:24 AM

Who said Vegas books were too conservative?

Bettors can get their NFL lines early at Stratosphere and Arizona Charlies (Decatur, Boulder sites), wager at -105 the entire season at the Plaza and beat the house’s point rankings for players’ individual performances at all Station Casinos locales.

That’s aside from a wide assortment of contests at sports books on and off the Strip, along with Sunday/Monday parlays and other varieties of contests around town in local taverns — many who whom designating their site as "an official bar" of one of the 32 NFL teams.

Fantasy football drafts will take place between now and Thursday night’s opening game between the Saints and Colts in Indianapolis. The sports books have taken notice and are becoming more involved and innovative in offering bettors a wide variety of ways to beat the house.

But, of course, the house never really loses — even when they say they do. That’s because no sports generates more betting volume than the NFL and the figure continues to rise each year.

Station Casinos has released a list of 22 fantasy plays for Week 1 aside from the traditional sides, totals and parlay cards wagering.

In this case, it’s the player either exceeding or falling short of the house number for total points he accumulates during the game.

Caesars Palace has individual odds listed for the passing, rushing and receiving titles respectively. Peyton Manning tops QBs at 5/1, LaDainian Tomlinson paces the RBs at 5/2 and Steve Smith heads the WRs at 4/1:


”¡ 1 point for 30 gross passing yards

”¡ 1 pt for every 10 rushing


”¡ 1 pt for each 10 passing


”¡ -2 pts for an interception

”¡ 6 pts for a passing TD

”¡ 6 pts for a rushing TD

”¡ 6 pts for a receiving TD

”¡ 2 pts for a passing


”¡ 2 pts for a rushing


”¡ 2 pts for a receiving



New England is a consensus pick in Vegas books to be Super Bowl champ at odds of 5/2.

Here are some other
fantasy numbers to consider





Terrell Owens 14 -110 -120
L.Tomlinson 19 -120 -110
Steve Smith 13 -110 -120
Carson Palmer 14 even -130
Tony Romo 16 -115 -115
Willie Parker 15 -110 -120
Drew Brees 16 -130 even