Remember the old timer’s code

Sep 4, 2007 3:30 AM

Carol, I know we have been married a few years, and being married for a long time you sometimes know what I am going to say before I say it.

Being from Oklahoma I talk kind of slow and write kind of long, writing about life and the living of it and poker and the playing of it.

Mostly, people are kind and don’t say anything about the same story I told before, but all good things must end, and yesterday I heard from a loyal reader who said, "Enough already! Please, no more about the Red Games of poker for awhile ”¦ and why do you continue to write about the Red Games? You love poker and play every day. Why do you write about cheating in poker?"

Well, the answer is in two parts. If you will reread last week’s column about the reddest of all poker games — Baja Okie hold’em poker AKA Texas Hold’em — you will note that I said that column would be the last of the series of articles on cheating (maybe)!

And the other answer is there are so many young whippersnappers who are playing poker nowadays that it is the responsibility of the older poker players to inform them of the problems and try to teach them about the rules of conduct and the ethics of the game of poker.

So, I have heard from you folks and will now begin a series of articles on playing poker with the player of old (Benny Binion and the boys) and the young whippersnappers like Chris Moneymaker and the new breed.

But first let me tell you the answer to last week’s poker question: What is the old timer’s code that was used by the poker players -when a lady walked into the poker room?

As of this writing no one has written me with the answer, but my daughter OK-Sarah knew the answer.

"Dad I remember that is a part of the training that you gave to me about the nomenclature of poker and that if I were going to do the walk I must learn the talk," she said. "It is a code that was used in olden times by the men in a poker game when a lady entered their poker playing area. It meant fellows watch what you say a lady is here. The code was ”˜there is a tall weed in the grass.’"

It is sad that we have left the time when knighthood was in flower and the days of Camelot!

It is the responsibility of the older players to set the standards, and things like the F-bomb and other four-letter words should not be used in the present of ladies. It is the responsibility of the card rooms to enforce decent language and decorum.

I know, Carol, you think I should have been a preacher, but we can and should conduct ourselves like ladies and gentlemen!

End of sermon. We’ll pass the collection plate at my 80th birthday Poker Party at the Venetian poker room. We will kick it off with a Seniors WCOP Poker Players Hall of Fame poker tournament on Friday, September 28. That will be followed on Sept. 29 with the TAG team match of limit hold’em and eight and better Omaha.

Then on Sunday the 30th, we’ll have a Birthday Poker tournament.

OK-J Poker Tip of the Week

It was said by philosopher George Christoph Lichtenberg: "Even truth needs to be clad in new garments if it is to appeal to a new age."

Thanks GC, we older patriots of the game of poker need to wrap our message of standards of play and ethics up in new wrapping so that the whippersnappers of this day and age will respond and make the game of poker acceptable in mixed polite company.

Remember until next time to stay lucky.