Stick to picks!

Sep 4, 2007 4:25 AM

Today’s lesson: Stick to your guns.

I didn’t and the result was missed opportunity. Instead of a 4-4 opening week, the totals came in a disappointing 2-6. Why? I chose to be cute, to impress by picking the right side in a difficult game. True, winning tough games looks better in the newspaper. However, it’s the wallet that counts and I’m a poorer individual for the blunder.

I heard too many Jimmy Clawson this and Jimmy Clawson that to pull off my Georgia Tech play against Notre Dame. Tech wins 33-3 as a 3-point dog at Touchdown Jesus. Or is it HEY-SOOS? Whatever.

The other game we hesitated on was LSU giving 16½ to Mississippi State. We listened to the inspiring words of Sylvester Croom at the Bulldogs pep rally talking about "us versus them" and "showing the country that Starkville is a tough place to play." Sylvester should sell cars, not game plans after a 45-0 whitewash that could have been 145-0 if Les Miles had a desire to pad the score to make a claim for No. 1.

At least we have a Week 2 for redemption. Unlike Lloyd Carr at Michigan, who threw the entire season and school reputation in the toilet for becoming the first ranked Division I school ever to lose to a 1-AA. No slight to Appalachian State, a two-time 1-AA national champ and one of the most beautiful campuses in the nation.

Michigan was such a big favorite, the game was completely off the board. Wolverine Nation came out in droves calling for Carr to resign. He probably will get the pink slip after the season, no matter what happens in the Ohio State game.

As for ASU, this week’s opponent is Lenoir-Rhyne. I think the intensity level will be slightly less than Michigan.

Enough venting.

Saturday, Sept. 8

Nevada +8 at N’western: The visiting Wolf Pack looked good for a quarter against Nebraska, then had no clue how to stop the powerful Huskers. Northwestern isn’t Nebraska, but off a shutout at home and hungry. N’WESTERN.

Nebraska -6½ at WF: The Deacons have earned respect. That’s why Boston College and Nebraska are playing them. But, not a good idea back-to-back. NEBRASKA.

Miami, FL +10½ at Okla: Shades of the 1980s when national titles were at stake. The Canes usually won. This isn’t 79-10 North Texas Avenue, Mr. Stoops. The swagger is back at The U. MIAMI.

Buffalo +3 at Temple: Turner Gill is a good guy, but the Bulls are not the Bills. Temple covered nicely against Navy. A 1-1 start for this loser is terrific. TEMPLE.

Utah St +23½ at Wyoming:The host Cowboys are off an impressive win over Virginia. State could go winless after falling to UNLV. WYOMING.

NC State +13 at BC: Two straight home games plus spotting a conference opponent double-digits spells trouble for BC. The Eagles usually play to the level of opponent. NC STATE.

Oregon +7 at Michigan: Worst possible scenario for Oregon, having App State beat Michigan. The Wolves will be Duck Hunting all game. MICHIGAN.

S. Carolina +5½ at Georgia: Gamecocks QB Mitchell returns for this annual bloodbath. The Dawgs were was very impressive last week against Okie State. Line surprising low, considering the game is in Athens. GEORGIA.

Air Force +8½ at Utah: The Utes went to sleep when starting QB Johnson was injured. We’ll gladly take the points. AIR FORCE.

Va Tech +12½ at LSU: Something has to give here and it will be the Hokies on a Saturday night in Baton Rouge. There will be some defense and hitting here. You can ride emotion only so long. LSU.

Memphis -4 at Ark St: The host Indians lost by just 8 to Texas. Memphis won’t look anything like the Longhorns on the field. ARK ST.