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Strahan grantsus 1 more year

Sep 4, 2007 4:49 AM

Joke of the week: Michael Strahan, the all-star defensive end of the New York Giants, has decided to return to his team only one week prior to the official opening of the National Football League season. I can hardly believe that this exceptional cornerstone of one of the outstanding defensive teams in football has decided to reward his loyal fans with at least one more season with the distinct pleasure of being able to observe the future Hall of Famer in his quest of returning his team to the Super Bowl once again.

I feel in my heart that "Manny being Manny" nor money had anything to do with his popular decision to return. The truth of the matter is the Giants should cut Strahan as he’ll be out of shape for at least another month and use his salary to acquire Byron Leftwich, and they would have a much better chance of winning enough games to reach the playoffs, but what do I know?

Question of the week: Who wants Daunte Culpepper, new quarterback of the Raiders, to fail more next week — Matt Millen, the GM of the Detroit Lions, the opposition, or ex-quarterback of LSU and number one unsigned draft pick, Russell? This will indeed be a toss up.

At any rate, your cup runneth over with sports stuff last weekend and even more so next weekend. Let’s see, I guess we should finish up what’s left of baseball before we get into the first week of the NFL.

The league leading Mets figure to have an easy week with the Reds and the Astros, while the Phillies will probably lose some ground as they take on the Braves in Atlanta and host the Marlins, two teams that are much more dangerous than what the Mets will have to contend with. Also, Pedro returns, and, finally, Carlos Delgotto has begun to show signs of hitting.

In the American League the pitching poor Yanks figure to have their hands full with the pitching rich Mariners, while their wild card competition, the Tigers, will have an easy time with the hapless White Sox. They may even sweep to really tighten up the wild card race. My best baseball advice for September is to lay the run lines with the big favorites, as many teams will use this month to test their farmhands for next year.

Thursday opens up the NFL season and I’ve got to go "over" that game, even though it’s an obscene number. I’ll be damned if I’m going to sit through an air track meet and not root for an offensive onslaught. I realize going over a big number is ridiculous, but look at all the fun you’ll have blowing your money.

On Sunday you can get even by going under 40 on the K.C. and Texans game. You might want to lay a few points and take the Texans. They figure to be better this year and I certainly think the Chiefs will be worse.

I’d take a shot with Buffalo + 4 against Denver also. I was far from impressed by the Broncos and I’ll probably bet against them on the road and pass on them at home. The Falcons get three this week from the Vikes and that may be worth a wager. It is possible that the Atlanta team this year will get the love that everybody gave New Orleans last year, and they may cover a lot of games.

Opening day deserves one parlay and I’ll go with the Pats and over.

Have fun this week and remember: don’t try to win it all too early, it’s a long season. Try to stay in chips at least until Xmas.