Vick no longer a favorite in this Dog club

Sep 4, 2007 5:07 AM

Michael Vick, just tear your darn dog ticket in half!

Take it from a guy who has bet the dogs for the last 28 years. If you lose, just tear your ticket in half and walk away. Don’t go looking to electrocute anything.

I pick dogs to fight for my bankroll every day of the NFL season. But if the pups don’t win, I’m not looking to hang anyone but myself. I simply tear the dog-gone ticket up and get on to the next game. It may not completely resolve my frustrations, but at least it keeps me out of jail.

On second thought, bag the idea of tearing up the dog ticket. Roger Goodell is not going to like that idea at all. If you’re an NFL player, just play it safe and don’t bet on anything at all. Michael, if you get lucky enough to be reinstated to the NFL, that advice will keep you in the league longer the next time.

Ok, I’ve picked on Michael long enough. He’s going away for an undecided amount of time. He did the crime and will do the time. I wish him well in turning his life around. This is a country full of second chances. And, if he keeps his nose clean while he’s away, I believe he’ll be granted that second chance in two or three years once the jail sentence and the NFL suspension are served.

It seems like just yesterday the Colts were pounding on Bad Rex. I’ve been ready to go for three weeks now. So, gentlemen start your NFL engines!

Thursday, Sept. 6

Saints + 5½ at Colts: I agree with most of what you’ve heard about the Colts having lost too much to repeat as Super Bowl champs. Brees has been red-hot in preseason and so has the entire Saints offense. Colts shouldn’t worry about covering this spread. They need to be concerned about winning the game! SAINTS.

Sunday, Sept. 9

Chiefs +3 at Texans: I’m looking for Matt Schaub to step out from the shadow of Michael Vick and make a big impression on Houston fans. Dark shadows abound in Kansas City. Huard hasn’t seen end-zone sunshine in a long time. Plenty of questions on the offensive and defensive lines in KC. TEXANS.

Broncos -3 at Bills: J.P. Losman might be the most improved young QB in the league this season. We’ll see if he gets off on the right foot on opening day. Speaking of feet, there’s new ones in each backfield. Big things expected of both Marshawn Lynch and Travis Henry. BILLS.

Steelers -4 at Browns: Pittsburgh fans expect Mike Tomlin to open the offense up. I’m not sure how you improve upon the results of Bill Cowher. And I don’t think Tomlin is going to be able to make the fans forget Cowher anytime soon. Browns had a spectacular draft and the improvement of the offensive line will make many facets of their game better than last season. BROWNS.

Titans + 6½ at Jags: Difficult to believe Byron Leftwich was released. But Garrard flat out won the QB position. I like both coaches and both teams. Vince Young proved how tough he was last year when he guided the Titans to 6-1 record to close the season. TITANS.

Panthers PK at Rams: I have these two clubs rated awfully close on both sides of the ball. Instead of flipping a coin ala Romeo Crennel, I’ll take the home team. RAMS.

Eagles -3 at Packers: If Green Bay’s young players mature, Packers could surprise some folks this season. Our thoughts and prayers are with Andy Reid and his family. Hard to imagine Reid can put all the personal distractions behind him this season. PACKERS.

Falcons +3 at Vikings: So the Falcons decide to ship Schaub off to Houston. Ooooops! Vick is dog-gone. I have soft spot in my heart now for the downtrodden Falcons. I’m pulling for Joey Harrington to have a monster year. But I’m not sure the Vikes are much better off with Tavaris Jackson. FALCONS.

Dolphins +3 at Skins: Ted Ginn Jr? Are you kidding me? I’m taking the Skins here for nearly that reason alone! Thousands more NFL fans will recognize Jason Campbell’s face by end of October. SKINS.

Patriots -6½ at Jets: Pats made most of the moves that caught the big headlines prior to preseason. They added the best linebacker available in Adalius Thomas and revamped their receiving corps with Randy Moss and Dante Stallworth. Could be overrated. JETS.

Bucs +6 at Seahawks: Bucs have silently added some strength on the offensive line and key defensive spots like Cato June at linebacker. Seattle lost its center along with receivers Jeremy Stevens and Darrell Jackson. BUCS.

Bears +6 at Chargers: How can Norv Turner screw this one up? Phillip Rivers, LT and a stifling defense! Will bad Rex or good Rex show up? Why worry about it? CHARGERS.

Lions +1 at Raiders: It starts at the top, right? Man, have these guys messed up these franchises. I’ll take the home team, a very good defense and an old QB trying to show he can start again in NFL. RAIDERS.

Giants +5 at Cowboys: Was Tiki Barber right? Is Eli Manning a joke when it comes to being the vocal leader of the Giants? Only time will tell, but in the meantime I think the Cowboys have way more talent in this matchup. I think Eli will miss Tiki’s talent. COWBOYS.

Monday, Sept. 10

Ravens +3 at Bengals: Carson Palmer by a lot more than a nose over Steve McNair! BENGALS.

Cards +3½ at 49ers: The Niners are a popular pick for many as a young team to keep improving and possibly contend for a divisional title. I’m on their bandwagon as well. Leinart will be improved this season, but the offensive line and defense have more serious issues to overcome than the Niners. 49ERS.