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Slots future subject of new forum

Sep 4, 2007 9:58 AM

As reported by GamingToday over the past couple of weeks, the casino industry is about to enter a Brave New World of slots.

Within a few months, server-based games and downloadable slots will begin to materialize in casinos throughout the country.

And just last week, Station Casinos unveiled an early version of "guaranteed play" for a portion of its video poker machines.

As the landscape of casinos change, slot managers and other professionals need to broaden their expertise on the changing nature of slots.

Toward that end, the University of Nevada, Las Vegas’ International Gaming Institute in conjunction with CDC Consulting will conduct a Slot Leadership Program at UNLV in Las Vegas, September 25-27.

The three-day program will be much more than a panel discussion or seminar. After several key topics are discussed by experts during the day, attendees will have the opportunity to visit select casinos at night to see how the concepts are applied in a live, working environment.

The following morning, experts will discuss with attendees what they experienced, before moving on to other topics.

Among the range of information to be covered are determining product mix and slot layout, analyzing slot performance, trends in player tracking, the truth behind video poker, direct mail campaigns, casino promotions, marketing to Asian customers, to name a few.

Guest speakers include:

”¡ John-Martin Meyer: formerly Director of Development and Slot Operations for MGM Mirage, Meyer is an expert in player tracking systems, operations analysis, casino start-up and remodeling, forecasting, biometrics and technology solutions.

”¡ Jeffrey Compton: President of CDC Consulting, Compton is an expert in players clubs and has assisted in the design and evaluation of numerous clubs across the U.S. He has also consulted on the topics of cash and comp reward systems, trends in player tracking and the design of high-limit slot salons.

”¡ John Stone: With a background in casino marketing and VIP casino services, Stone is expert in player retention and loyalty strategies, designing innovative casino promotions and competitive analysis of both players clubs and direct mail programs.

”¡ Dave Newton: Formerly the vice president of human resources at the Venetian, Newton brings an expert viewpoint of developing leadership practices and systems to maximize performance of casino personnel.

”¡ Thomas Lim: With 20 years of experience at Harrah’s and the Mohegan Sun, Lim has set up Asian marketing programs at various casinos. His expertise includes Asian player development, junket marketing, entertainment advertising, tournaments and community events.

”¡ Bob Dancer: A successful video poker player and author of numerous books on the subject, Dancer is frequently tapped by casinos to help design video poker promotions and effectively manage their video poker operations.

Registration for the Slot Leadership Program is $845 or $945 "at the door." For more information visit the web site,