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Britney has Angel watching her

Sep 11, 2007 1:39 AM

This week it’s the MTV Awards with Britney Spears making a comeback. She’s making the come back and Criss Angel is watching her back. The Palms Hotel & Casino, which hosted the awards show was all but sold out. Fifty Cents, Christina Aguilliera and Kenye West were partying at LAX at the Luxor after the awards ceremony. It was quite a bash.

This week Lindsay Lohan made up with her father, ankle bracelet and all. He’s on probation and she’s in rehab. It’s nice when you have a family that can share legal costs.

Word is that Owen Wilson is recovering nicely in a Los Angeles hospital. Hope he gets over his depression that drove him to a strange act.

This week the world lost the great Luciano Pavarotti. I was able to see one of his last concerts here in Las Vegas and that particular night he wowed the crowd. He’ll be missed.

Over at the Mirage, my gang from Miami and I caught Danny Gans. The show is still a major force, with Danny being the consummate performer. He’s being managed again by Chip Lightman after an absence of three years. Danny began his Las Vegas career at the Stratosphere, followed by the opening of his own room at the Rio and then the Mirage, which has made him the show to see in Las Vegas.

 The MDA telethon hosted by Jerry Lewis last week raised $64 million but Jerry tripped and made a gay slur that caused a small uproar. Give the guy a break, he’s spent years building and creating this event. I’m always amazed that people like to pick on the man that has done so much for a great cause.

 This year’s telethon didn’t draw some of its usual major stars. Celine Dion was photographed in her dressing room at Caesars and sang on tape. Managed to catch performances by some of the tried and true like Clint Holmes (in the middle of the night) and David Cassidy. Good work, guys.

 Caesar’s Palace is already selling tickets for February and getting ready for Bette Midler’s arrival. Celine will be performing her "Swan Song" in December. Rumor has it that Cher will soon be included in the Caesars lineup. So, we’re going to have Bette, Cher and Sir Elton. A motley group to be sure, but that’s entertainment.

This week at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel the Reverend Monti Rock III performed his first extraordinary wedding. The groom was Kenneth Anthony Buzzi and the bride was one of my oldest, dearest and most beautiful friends, Ronni Lee Buzzi from_Boynton Beach, Florida. Sharon and Julius Siegel were Matron of Honor and Best Man and I was dressed in magical capes and with diamonds and pearls. It was a memorable wedding! So, book your weddings at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel.

Barry Manilow returns to the Hilton next week and let’s not forget the new season of Dancing With the Stars with our own Wayne Newton plus boxing star Floyd Mayweather and Marie Osmond kicking up their heels. Can she dance? I’m sure she can.

Speaking of the Hilton, we got to see the Las Vegas Tenors-the perfect blending of voice and music. They’ve already sold out the Oct. 14-15 shows.

The Golden Nugget has just signed Rich Little for 26 weeks.

Jennifer Lopez looked fabulous on the Fashion Rock Awards. She’ll be touring very soon and will appear with her husband, Marc Anthony, at the MGM Grand. Her latest movie, El Cantante, tanked at the box office even though it was entertaining.

Don Marrandino, with his movie star looks, is the entertainment director at the Flamingo and was responsible for signing Toni Braxton, and now she’s extended for another year A major announcement is coming very soon. Stay tuned.

At the Wynn property there’s a new boutique nightclub, Blush. Not sure what a "boutique" nightclub is, but I doubt it’s a pizza and beer joint.

Remember, at Caesars we have Pure, at the Mirage we have the Revolution, LAX is at the Luxor and the list goes on, club after club after club. Who needs a home when there’s a club to visit every night?