The secrets of attitude

September 25, 2007 2:00 AM


Pssst”¦! Wanna know a secret?

How about the secret of increasing your profits with a successful attitude?

Many people have a strange attitude about gambling. They look at it as recreation and go to their favorite resort planning to lose up to a certain amount of money. Then they stop, because that’s all they brought.

Wanna know the secrets that craps pros use to maintain a successful attitude?

Let’s find out now how they do it!

A craps pro always has a specific plan when he gambles. He utilizes money, management, and a good win/loss limit. He also plans out his gambling sessions, so that in the end of two hours, he knows in advance what systems he will play, when he will stop and approximately how much ahead he will be when he’s finished.

The casinos depend on casual vacationers for their profits, not careful planners. If everyone had a good money management system, the casinos would probably to out of business.

Why then, do so many gamblers accept a run at the tables as something fun to do with their surplus cash? Why do they continue to feed the fodders of gambling establishments, sometimes three or four times a year and never change their losing ways?

One reason is intimidation. The casino intimidates people into making bets in return for comps, inexpensive food and free shows. But a more accurate reason is greed. People go to casinos to get something for nothing. They go for the big strike — the long roll — and are never satisfied with small wins.

Craps is a negative expectation game. True, it has a very small edge (less than 1 percent in some cases), but even that small edge contributes more to one casino than most small business make in a year. To overcome that edge, you need to be vigilant in your gambling and adopt the same policies you would if starting a small business of your own. You need to have a business plan.

When you gamble, you should have a set amount of money to invest, and a set amount of time to reap the rewards. You’ll need to keep records so you can see how our business is going. You will need definite, proven systems, both for playing and money management.

You’ll need to keep records so you can see how your business is going. And, finally, you’ll need to maximize your comps to overcome your occasional losses.

Develop a written plan for your gambling and bring it with you on your next casino vacation. Follow it religiously, and if it doesn’t work, change it. You’ll never get different results by doing the same thing over and over.

So, the next time you play, treat craps like a business, because it is — for the casinos!

Pssst”¦! Now you know the secrets of having a successful attitude!

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