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Lions Club honors Jerry Vale

Sep 25, 2007 2:09 AM

The Full Monti has had a full week, as in too much O.J.

By the way, congratulations to The Palms for making him persona non grata. He’s now back in Florida. At least he’s out of Vegas.

Planet Hollywood has started its Red Carpet Premiers with Sylvester Stallone, Robert Earl, Pamela Anderson, and Milla Jovovich. They are promising many premiers in Las Vegas in the future.

Last week I was at the Hilton attending the Lions Club event honoring my old friend, Jerry Vale. Jay White sang the Star Spangled Banner. The highlight of the evening for me was "sparring" with our great Mayor, Oscar Goodman and his wonderful wife. Oscar, being as gracious as ever, was checking on one of my latest ventures, Million Dollar Weddings at the Viva Las Vegas Chapel.

The evening had one big surprise, Lorraine Hunt and Dennis Bono. So, she’s now Lorraine Hunt-Bono. The Lions Club is known for stepping to the front with preventive ultrasound screenings. Too bad the insurance companies don’t cover this, yet-they save lives along with big bucks in future medical expenses.

This Monday, the Hilton brings back The New Scintas in the Shimmer Cabaret. We all remember that’s where I first began writing about the Scintas seven years ago. Word is the act will be brand new for the younger audiences. The new act will be specially choreographed and staged for this talented group. The Scintas, who were at the Rio for five years and then moved to the Sahara in the room that Steve Wyrick built.

What’s happened to Steve Wyrick? Sure, he has a new theater and venue at Miracle Mile, Planet Hollywood. We know this, but what is happening? Everything is kind of quiet with Steve.

Celine Dion returned to the Coliseum and the countdown is on. By now, Bette must be rehearsing her arse off.

What is it that Jeff Beacher says? He’s bringing Kid Rock and Tommy Lee to pay per view television? I hear the purse is $5 million. For $200, I’d hit them both with my purse. May the best man win, but there is no best man here.

This just in: Pamela Anderson’s new beau is Antonio Esfandiari, a professional gambler. Then, aren’t we all?

With the continued melt down of Britney Spears, the judge has ordered her to undergo alcohol and drug testing on a regular basis together with parenting classes. Of course she still gets to pay Kevin (who doesn’t have a job) something like $20,000 a week. (Editors note: Reports had K-Fed receiving $1 million a year).

On the battle of the two stars Kanye West and 50Cent, Kanye won hands down. One has to understand in the world of rap, we all watched the MTV Awards. It’s hard to understand what the fuss is all about. It really is a market in itself.

Some thought the Emmy Awards was kind of boring, but I kind of liked the idea of the new format. Never could quite understand why every presenter was supposed to be a comedian. That doesn’t work for me.

Helen Miren, in all her candor, was a fashion standout as well as Kathryn Heigel. Sorry, Terry Hatcher, your dress was a mistake this year. John Stewart and Stephen Colbert brought real humor to the evening along with Steve Corral from The Office. Funny stuff.

Yours truly, Monti Rock, was guest of honor at a fabulous trade show, PetZoo at Mandalay Bay. It was fashion fusion for people with pets. I was invited by a company named My Pet Shirt and they created a wonderful carrier for my pet cat. The designer is Donna Samet and the marketing genius Bess Cunningham is an old friend of mine from New York City.

I had a surprise meeting with James A. Albort, Vice President of PETCO where the pets go! Again, for me, this was a real eye opener. Everything for pets and the people who love them.

My friend, Wes Winters, from the Liberace Museum, has just returned from Panama. I hear he brought the house down. Mimi Hines is back from Rhode Island and getting ready to do another tour.

I guess it was just a matter of time but Clint Holmes and Kelly Clinton are engaged. Clint dropped to his knees and said, "Kelly, Kelly, will you marry me?" And she said, "Yes".

Also last week, Siegfried and Roy announced that they were gay! Too much information.

Last weekend the Suncoast had one of its most successful acts-sold out all three nights-with

the great Tito Puente Jr. Not only were old Puente fans dancing in the aisles, but his dad’s fabulous music was enjoyed by a new and younger audience. Rumor has it that this talented young man will have a steady Las Vegas "gig" in the very near future.

The wonderful and divine Zsa Zsa Gabor, last of the Gabor sisters, has recently had surgery. Zsa Zsa is 90 years old. She just hasn’t been the same since that almost fatal car accident some three years ago. Zsa Zsa, we love you.

If you want to know where I get my fabulous jewelry, check out Dubarrys Fashions in the Pioneer Square shopping center. Dubarrys has a celebration this Sunday from 1 to 5 p.m. See you there!

Remember, Monti Rock’s Million Dollar Weddings are here to stay!