Touts, cells, ugly rags and ‘Dr. Boob’

Sep 25, 2007 2:20 AM
1-Apr 4/7/2002 23-18-1

Touts, Cell Phones, Ugly Uniforms, Parlay Cards!

For those outside Vegas that get GT, you probably won’t get the cell phone or parlay card part, but for those watching the Eagles/Lions debacle had to suffer through a 56-21 trouncing by Philly players wearing the ugliest uniforms I have ever seen.

The Lions had no chance. Heck, their stomachs were so upset lining up against the Eagles and those horrible yellow tights. Most were on the sidelines between plays barfing. Could be a good ploy for teams needing a big win.

Cell phones continue to be a huge problem for both race and sports books along with the unknowing visitor who happens to call friends or family members from inside the book. These visitors are then pounced on by a rude security guard, who promptly escorts the unknowing innocent out of the area. This past week I noticed one little lady scared so bad, she was almost in tears.

For a fact, there isn’t one race and sports book director or manager that doesn’t want this stupid gaming law revoked. Gaming should know that if someone wants to give lines from the book, it could be done through a text message from the cell phone. In the race book all you can do with a cell phone now is get a call from your wife, hear she wants you home and to pick up some takeout on the way.

On to touts!

Last year there was one named "Dr. Boob." He had a following of sorts and his picks would move lines on some games several points, which the sports books really hate when it comes to parlay cards. Doing so makes them with the set lines as the cards usually come out Wednesdays and the moves usually happen late Fridays. The past two weeks this has happened.

For those books that left the games on the cards and put some limits on the amount you could play reaped big rewards — like my little parlay card on the Strip would have done. Here were a few of "Dr. Boob’s" top releases:

”¡ Navy -11½: This game was bet up to -14. You could not bet Navy -11½ on most parlay cards. Final: Navy, by 3.

”¡ Arizona +16: This was bet down to +14 and even 13 ½ in one place. I raced to bet Cal. Arizona lost 45-27.

”¡ Notre Dame +13½: This amazed me. The money coming in on Notre Dame dipped the number to +10. I couldn’t bet Michigan State fast enough. Final: State 31-14.

"Dr. Boob" did give out LSU (a team I liked and bet on at -16 early as a BEST BET). LSU went up to -18, but only won by 12.

Yes, bookmaking has become corporate and you have to answer to the guys upstairs when losing. But, to run from "Dr Boob?"

When I was growing up in Steubenville, Ohio a good friend who has since opened a parlay card stand in heaven called it gambling. Not so any more in corporate Las Vegas. I do applaud those who left these games on the cards and were rewarded with the cash. By the way, "Dr. Boob" went 3-8 this past week and 0-3 on Best Bets (Navy, Arizona, LSU).

The books thank you "Dr. Boob.".

As for this week, most of the plays will probably move against me. That’s good if you bet late. I will have to make them short and sweet. Got carried away and have just a small amount of oxygen left.

Thursday, Sept. 27

So Miss +10 at Boise St: My early picks crushed me a week ago. Time for a comeback. Boise just doesn’t look like past teams. Southern Miss is tough. USM.

Friday, Sept. 28

W.Virginia -7 at USF: Mounties were -21 at home last year and headed to a major bowl game, only to get beat by So Florida 24-19. No mistakes this time in Tampa. WVU.

Saturday, Sept. 29

Michigan -16½ at N’western: No mistake for Michigan, which won’t be looking ahead to E.Michigan next week.Michigan off huge win over Penn St. Wildcats off losing at home to Duke two weeks ago and getting slaughtered by Ohio State 58-7. BEST BET: MICHIGAN.

Utah St +20 at Utah: Now Utah crushed UCLA 44-6, then lost to UNLV 27-0. That’s what you call topsy-turvy. Look for a Utes rebound against a team they own, 9-0 SU and 6-2-1 ATS last nine meetings. UTAH.

Cal +4½ at Oregon: Big game for both teams who want to stay in contention for the Pac 10 title with a win here and if they somehow get by USC. Oregon is 4-0 SU and ATS so far this year and has hung this game in its locker room since last year’s 45-24 loss. OREGON

Auburn +18 at Florida: A good game for a Florida team that was looking ahead last week in lackluster 30-24 win over Mississippi. Auburn pinned only loss on the Gators last year 27-17 in Auburn. Big time revenge. BEST BET 2: FLORIDA.

N.Dame +21 at Purdue: The Irish may get win in next to last game of the season against Duke at home, but no there. Season just gets uglier. Boilermakers in big time revenge mood, getting crushed two years in a row by ND, 49-28 in ’05 and 35-21 last year. Not the same Irish and Purdue fans will be in high pitch. I wish "Dr Boob" gives out Notre Dame, so I can get a good number on Boilers. PURDUE.

ADDED GAMES: I have gotten a lot of e-mails of late asking for some added game selections. Here’s what I came up with.

UCF -21, Fla Atlantic +23 (Kentucky may be looking ahead) and Troy -12½ (Sid Diamond’s old school). Mr. D says they are a juggernaut.


Oak/Mia OVER 41.
Texans +2½
Browns +4½
Lions +2½
Packers -1½.
Cowboys -13.
Chargers —13.
Colts —11.


Steubenville rolled to its 35th straight win last week. I hope you saw the little ditty on the Sunday night halftime show of the Bears-Cowboys game, ROLL RED ROLL.