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WMS unveils ‘Money Grab’

Sep 25, 2007 5:48 AM

Grabbing the money is the wish of most slots players so WMS Gaming Inc. (WMS) has developed a new machine called MONOPOLY Super Money Grab, which the company feels will "dazzle" the gaming industry.

 Being introduced at the DEMOfall 07 gathering in San Diego, Cal., this week, Super Money Grab features a revolutionary technology known as Transmissive Reels technology.

 "WMS’s Transmissive Reels technology is transforming slot machine gaming from a passive experience into a highly interactive experience," a gaming conference executive explained.

 "By combining the familiarity of mechanical reel games with real-time, 3-D graphics, WMS has created a player magnet for casinos and a new level of excitement for players. It’s also demonstrated that advanced graphics technology can play in whole new markets," said DEMO’s Chris Shipley.

 Although the machine looks like a regular mechanical five-reel slot machine, the machine, with its interactive video interface, projects graphically rich video content on a touch screen to create a new experience for the players.

WMS’s Larry Pacey, senior vice president of product development remarked, "The gaming industry is not familiar with innovation on this scale. We are evolving the traditional, familiar slot experience into something much more exciting and engaging.