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Put teams on ‘shnide’ and they play!

Sep 25, 2007 6:23 AM
9-4-2 24-18-5 57.1

What’s the shnide? I’m not really sure.

One thing I found out for certain on Sunday is that teams will play desperate and nasty in an attempt to get off it. The Jets, Giants, Raiders and Chiefs played exactly like that and registered their first wins of the season.

The Bills, Falcons, Dolphins and Rams played the same way. But in the end there was more choke than desperation and the goose egg remained in the win column.

The Pats, Steelers, Colts, Cowboys and Packers remain undefeated. Did I say Packers? I’m not sure anyone could have predicted a 3-0 Packers start.

Denny The Dog is off the shnide with his first big winning week (9-4-2). Let’s do whatever we need to stay away from the 0 the rest of the season.

Sunday, Sept. 30

Raiders +3 at Dolphins: Oooooh, those tricky Raiders. They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but Shanahan taught young pup Kiffin one two weeks ago. Kiffin pulled the Shanahan scam out of his bag of tricks and used it on the Brownies. Raiders will find out how nasty those teams on the shnide can play. Maybe Miami figured out how to involve Ronnie Brown in the offense in their loss to the Jets. DOLPHINS.

Texans -3 at Falcons: Harrington is becoming more comfortable with each game. But would there be anything sweeter for Matt Schaub than to beat the team who had him on the roster as the backup QB? Matt should be able to let them know he’s a starter now. TEXANS.

Ravens -6 at Browns: Like Schaub, Jamal Lewis should have something to prove against his old team. Browns are a little underrated since Steelers blowout. Cleveland has won the money the last two weeks. BROWNS.

Bears -3½ at Lions: Uh-0h! You may no longer think of Nostradomus when thinking about Jon Kitna and his bold 10 win prediction. Donovan McNabb and Brian Westbrook may have exposed Kitna as a charleton! BEARS.

Packers -2 ½ at Vikings: How can you bet against the Pack right now with the old man off to one of the greatest starts of his career! Favre’s new battle cry: Who needs a stinkin’ running game? Actually they will need one of those eventually. Still, they won without one against San Diego, so who’s to say they’ll need it here. PACKERS.

Rams +10 at Cowboys: I have this funny feeling there’s at least one O-fer team that’s going to stay on the shnide. Their name rhymes with lambs, which is what they’ve played like the first three weeks. The Rams have lost Pace and now they’re on pace to finish 0-16! Bulger threw 3 picks versus Tampa Bay. COWBOYS.

Jets -2 at Bills: Whatever happened to Willis McGahee? That’s the question the Bills have to be asking themselves. The face of the Bills has changed dramatically since his departure. Thomas Jones on the other hand, has given the Jets new life. JETS.

Bucs +3½ at Panthers: Bucs were going to be one of my surprise underdogs this season until opening day in Seattle. But since then the Bucs have redeemed themselves with back to back defensive gems! Delhomme’s status unknown at press time. BUCS.

Seahawks -2½ at 49ers: Seattle’s modus operendi so far is win at home and lose on the road. Actually, the Seahawks looked a little shaky at home last week, needing a last minute TD pass to bail them out. NINERS.

Steelers -5 at Cards: Until further notice, Steelers haven’t lost a beat when they lost Cowher. In fact, it looks like they’ve improved. Whisenhunt would like nothing better than to beat the team that passed him over. But right now Mike Tomlin looks like the right man for the job in Pittsburgh. Cards already playing musical QBs. STEELERS.

Chiefs +13 at Chargers: I wonder what percentage of Chargers fans would take Marty back right now? Norv Turner has already failed as an NFL coach in previous stints. How much pressure is he under right now? Hey Norv, it must feel like you’re on the shnide, even though you’re not winless. But 1-2 with that caliber a team must feel like the double shnide! CHIEFS.

Broncos +9 ½ at Colts: I don’t think Indy is overrated. Defense has improved, while Addai is running hard and flying high. Broncos have been overrated and a little inflated with their number every week. Denver hasn’t won a nickel for any of their big betting friends, going 0-3 ATS. COLTS.

Eagles -2½ at Giants: Battle of the just off the shnide teams. Both clubs faced must win situations and won the game and money. No line available at press time but I’m making Philly a slight fave. I’m going out on a limb and taking the home dog. The home puppies were 1-2 last Sunday. GIANTS.

Monday, Oct. 1:

Patriots -6 at Bengals: One thing Cincinnati can’t count on so far is any kind of defense at crunch time. Pats are crushing anything that moves. Belichick is saving all the tapes of these massacres and will be sending them to league officials following New England’s Super Bowl victory. PATS