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We love those ‘ties win’ cards

Sep 25, 2007 6:59 AM

On the college scene this week there are a few interesting games to be played, beginning with Boise State and their purple carpet on Thursday night. They’re not as good as last year, but they’ll want to put on a good show for the ESPN audience.

West Virginia plays Friday as a visitor to South Florida, and they figure to show off their two Heisman hopefuls. WV certainly are a treat to watch, especially if you bet on them.

A real shootout will come Saturday when Cal plays at Oregon. If this game doesn’t go over I’ll give you my watch. Later on that day you can play Pitt and Virginia under, as they are both very conservative teams with only a few home run hitters.

The players got even last weekend as four games all fell on the number, which is indeed a nightmare for the sports books. God Bless the guy who first thought of a ties win card.

There are a few bargains on the pro side. The Seahawks came out a pick as the visiting team in Minnesota but were quickly bet up a couple points. It seems like they should at least be a short favorite if there are no bad injuries that I don’t know about.

At this time I don’t know the total on next Monday night’s game, but you can bet it over early in the week and it is sure to rise as the weekend approaches. The Steelers are only three favorite at Arizona and that’s another game that is sure to rise and cover.

As the leaves begin to change color I just wonder where did the summer go? It seemed like yesterday when the baseball season started and now it’s almost finished. I’ve miraculously passed the one year anniversary of becoming a sports journalist.

Frankly I was certain that I’d only last a month, but somehow I’ve held on. Probably one of my outstanding forecasts was the New York Yankees coming in third place in their division under a new manager and Steinbrenner turning over his activities to another family member. And who could ever forget my prediction of the Dallas Mavericks to annihilate the Golden State Warriors in the playoffs?

I will take the credit for my ability to grow tomatoes in my back yard, as I’ve recently completed the most successful season to date by actually producing a grand total this year of seven healthy and happy tomatoes that were so beautiful I didn’t have the heart to eat them. I’ve now been able to cost-average and my accountant tells me with much elation that our current cost now had dropped to only $54 per tomato. It goes without saying that I’m looking forward to next year with great anticipation and surely you can understand my optimism after feeling the success of 2007.

Joke of the Week: Dan Rather has filed a lawsuit against CBS in the amount of $70 million dollars. I was privileged to see him interviewed by Larry King the other night. Mr. Rather did say in no uncertain terms "Larry, this suit is not about the money".

Second Joke of the Week: The current feeling from a few legal analysts on T.V. is that O.J. will probably beat this rap due to the suspected lack of credibility of his accusers. That’s so funny I may use it again next week.

Have a great week!