Picks match ugly

Sep 25, 2007 7:50 AM
0-4 1-1 7-8-1

Maybe I need a change of wardrobe, perhaps a throwback outfit I wore back in college when disco was getting popular.

Look what it did for the Eagles in Philadelphia, where the ugliest uniforms this side of Eugene, Oregon helped put 56 on the board against Detroit. Yeah, I know it’s the Lions.

I wore my regular outfit to work and went 0-4 not including Monday night’s BEST BET pick of the Titans +5 at New Orleans. Tennessee was 12-2 ATS in the last 14 since Vince Young became starting QB.

Week 3 produced plenty of scoring, a couple of new QB controversies, three pushes, five games decided by 3 points or less and a narrow 6-5 edge for the dogs.

It will be interesting to see if Warner starts this week for Arizona instead of Leinart. And, who would have imagined Green Bay 3-0 and Miami 0-3? Maybe my dad about the Dolphins. He’s takes every loss personally.

Searching for a throwback Fish uniform (I don’t think there is one), we head to Week 4.

Sunday, Sept. 30

Texans -2½ at Falcons: Atlanta’s worst nightmare is here. The return of the prodigal QB Matt Schaub in a Houston uniform. Joey is Harrington in any uniform. This week WR Andre Johnson returns to the Texans lineup. He represents 56 percent of the Houston offense. Sounds good to me. TEXANS.

Rams +13 Cowboys: St. Louis is 0-3 and in an offensive funk even with Bulger and Jackson. Dallas comes off the Bears so they may hibernate a bit here. Since St. Louis is desperate, maybe they can force a few Cowboys turnovers. That’s what it will take. RAMS.

Ravens -4½ at Browns: The Art Modell bowl. The former Browns owner jumped shift for Baltimore, leaving Cleveland without a team for a couple of seasons. The fans never forget. Cleveland has found an offense. BROWNS.

Broncos +11 at Colts: Indy is 5-2 ATS against Denver since 2001 and 3-1 at home. The Colts are a legitimate 4-0. You can make an argument that Denver should be 0-4. Manning & Co. respects Denver, therefore a blowout. COLTS.

Monday, Oct. 1

Patriots -8 at Bengals (52): Cleveland scored 51 on Cincinnati. How are the Bengals going to stop this juggernaut. Moss vs. Chad Johnson. Brady and Palmer. Now watch, it will be 3-0 at halftime! Nah, maybe after the first drive. OVER.