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Could be Eli’s big day in Philly

Sep 25, 2007 8:42 AM

By Micah Roberts & Jason McCormick

Week 3 of the NFL Fantasy season was led by Eagles QB Donovan McNabb, his WR Kevin Curtis, and his all-world RB Bryan Westbrook.

If you played anyone who had one of these players, it’s likely that you lost for the week. If McNabb is going to respond that way under controversy, expect the clever fans of Philly to let him have it every week just for luck and performance incentive purposes.

If you look at most of the lineup charts along the larger fantasy websites, you’ll see that the start frequency for teams that have Brett Favre is as low as the likes of Samkon Gado. Through three games he has 861 yards, 6 TDs, and has limited his INTs and sacks in the process. He’s a pretty good fantasy QB once again. On the other hand, his best value may be as trade bait.

Can the Pack continue this run with Favre maintaining this pace? Favre’s value likely will not be as high as it is now. So before the clock strikes midnight trade this Cinderella to a team desperate for a QB that has a RB to offer.

Speaking of possible trades, what can a team get for LT or LJ? At what point as an owner do you cut your losses and say, "Next week isn’t the week he goes off"? And then at what point do you, as a fantasy team owner with the first overall draft pick, mail a "miss you" card to Marty Schottenhiemer. 

Week 4 Players to Shine:

RB Ronnie Brown — MIA vs OAK: Brown has first breakout game in Cam Cameron’s system last week. His performance should keep Chatman from stealing carries and he’ll see loads vs the Raiders. Last week in a loss to the Jets, Brown had all 23 rushing attempts by the Dolphins.

QB Steve McNair — BALT at CLEV: Any QB starting against the Browns or Bengals is a viable option. The Ravens have yet to click on all cylinders, but expect a nice offense performance this week. McNair does have a nagging groin injury that kept him from finishing off Arizona last week. When he gets a look at the Browns weak pass rush and secondary scheme, it’s likely his groin will feel much better.

QB Eli Manning — NYG vs PHIL: Hurt shoulder or not, Eli is a good play this week. Philly brings out his best. Last season in a September game Manning went for 371 yds and 3 TDs in a Giants win.

RB Julius Jones — DAL vs STL: He’s fallen out of favor in most leagues around the country nestled deep on everyone’s team, except the one that counts, the actual Dallas Cowboys. Jones is still the starter and even a guy like Wade Phillips knows you have to throw a player a bone once a while to keep a positive flow. Marion Barber has been better, but at some point Jones will be counted due to injury, or opposing defense’s tendencies. A soft Rams defense looks like the right spot.

WR Bernard Berrian — CHI at DET: Whoever starts, Grossman or Griese, they should lead the charge with a game littered with bombs against the Lions. Berrian is the prime candidate to beat down a very confused secondary. A nice long shot this week to expose the Lions DBs further is giving them a little "Kid Dynamite" in Jessie Hester.

WR Donte Stallworth — NE at CIN: At some point this is just going to become the "Whoever is going against the Lions or Bengals, play them" column. In this instance, given the circumstances surrounding Tom Brady who is an equal opportunity passer, Stallworth is owed at least one TD catch. Thus far it’s been Welker, Moss, and Watson getting all the looks in the red zone. Brady will make an effort to get the ball to him this week.

Week 4 Players to struggle:

RB Travis Henry — DEN at IND: Despite having run for over 200 yds in two games vs Indy last season while with the Titans, he’ll likely see minimal carries as the Broncos struggle again at Indy as a whole. Expect a few Cutler mistakes mixed in with long Joseph Addai drives taking the ground game completely away from Denver.

QB Brett Favre — GB at MIN: Kudos to Brett on tying Marino’s TD record. Vikings Defense will be ready to keep him from breaking it in the Metrodome. You can look at two things with Favre. One, is that he has always struggled in domes over his career when his season and teams was going well. The other is his last game at Minny was the best dome game of his career. Trade him and let someone else take the gamble.