Thanks to you all, I made it!

Oct 1, 2007 11:52 PM

Carol, Gosh honey, thanks. With a lot of your help last week, I made it to the big 80.

I want to thank all the poker players who took the time to come over to my birthday poker party at the Venetian on the strip in fabulous Las Vegas. It was an honor that I will always remember. A special thanks to all my dealer friends, who showed up for a piece of cake.

I really don’t know how to express my thanks to Kathy Raymond. the director of poker operations of the Venetian’s wonderful room for arranging with you and our daughter "Oklahoma Sarah" to host my 80th birthday party.

So I will just say "thanks for the memories."

A lot of my family came out from Oklahoma to be with me. There were older brother Roy and his wife Leilo Jo and all of my girls (Sheri, Debbie and OK-Sarah) along with nieces, nephews, grandchildren. Of course, Barbara (who for the past 20 years has come to every one of "The Seniors" WCOP and other poker events that I have hosted).

I am lucky to have such a large family.

Yes Carol, we have four great grandchildren, but they are too young to make the trip. So we will just have to host that tournament (the one we arrange in Tulsa) to see the rest of the family.

In Oklahoma we have many saying about things. The one that comes to mind today as I begin the first day of my life after 80 is, "Only the good die young."

So I guess I have been bad somewhere along the line because I sure feel good today. With the weather that we are having this week in Las Vegas I am sure that I will live to keep a promise that I made to our grandson Eric Hale Proctor, who is the youngest politician ever elected to the Oklahoma Legislature.

Eric told me that he wanted to be a politician and of course I had a little advise to give him. He told me of his plans and dreams about helping the people and making the world a better place. His plan is to serve a few terms, become the Speaker of the House, then make the race for Lieutenant Governor of Oklahoma.

After about 20 years (he’ll be a little over 40 then), he will make the race to be governor of Oklahoma. Some you folks got to see Erik if you came to my birthday poker party over at the Venetian poker room. Oh yes, I was going to tell you of the promise I made to Eric!

I promised Eric that I would come to Oklahoma in the year 2030 when he will become the youngest governor of Oklahoma. Yes, Carol we will go to the inauguration of our grandson Eric Hale Proctor as Gov. of Oklahoma in 2030. I will only be 103 years young at that time.

But, a promise made is one I plan to keep

I know I was going to write a new series of columns on the most memorable and famous poker players that I have known and played poker with over the last 70 odd years.

Folks, I just got a little busy with the birthday party and I will get back to that next week.

Now I want to tell you just some of the things I told Eric when he announced his dream of becoming Oklahoma youngest Governor.

Son you can fool some of the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but it is best if you do not try to fool them.

Just tell the truth all the time.

Do not ever lie to the people.

If you can not tell the truth keep your mouth shut.

Do not take any action that can not be printed on the front page of the local newspapers.

Make deals and trade votes with your other law makers, but do not make any deals that you would be ashamed of.

Do not get too busy to call or write and take care of your mother Debbie.

Keep your office door open to the public — they are your boss.

Do not try to stay Governor more than two terms. If you are doing a good job the people will promote you Senator or even President.

Make the people trust you and love you as much as I do.

Just try to serve all the people

Draw to an inside straight if the odds are correct.

Keep swinging, —you may hit the long ball.

Almost nothing is more helpful in dealing with people than a sense of humor

All honor and praise is fleeting. Enjoy the moments!

If the job were easy to do, someone else would be doing it.

Do your homework, so that you are fully prepared.

To command is to be lonely some of the time on top of the mountain. The wind is cold at the top, but it is clean and no one has ever breathed that air before.

Stay Lucky.


From good friend Mike Caro, sometimes called "The Mad Genius." Mike is also a member in good standing of "The Seniors" WCOP/ Poker Players Hall of Fame."

"The main reason people fail to accomplish as much as they could in poker and life is that they don’t play their best game".

All poker players should follow Mike’s advice and play their best game or just get up and quit. Remember, until next time, Stay Lucky.