We’re not giving up on Wayne in dance

Oct 2, 2007 12:02 AM

This week was the season debut of the television hit, Dancing with the Stars. Our very own Mr. Las Vegas, Wayne Newton, was near the bottom of the scale along with Floyd Mayweather, Jr., but we can’t call our man out just yet. Come on people let’s vote for Wayne.

Big rumor! The Producers at the Paris Hotel and Casino (remember just a rumor) may be closing in March. Word is talks are taking place to bring Liza Minnelli or Julio Iglesias to the Paris. Only rumor, darlings.

Tuesday, the Scintas will open their new show at the Hilton called "Laugh Out Loud." They’re starring in the Shimmer Showroom. The Scintas began their long stay here in Las Vegas at the Hilton. This is a brand new show.

Over at the Wynn, Le Reve has been re-tooled and is ready for the public. It sounds like the public, or at least some, will get a chance to view Steve Wynn’s 230 karat diamond which will probably outdraw the viewers of the Hope diamond. Rumor has it that the gem is going to be shipped to Macao.

My wonderful, wonderful friend Tony Curtis is being honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award by Artexpo Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay.

At the Rio, Penn & Teller reach their 5th year. The show is a mainstay. The Chippendales also celebrate a fifth anniversary at The Rio with their 2000th performance The Hilton has a lineup that includes Earth, Wind and Fire in November. Terry Sator, who is a fantastic ventriloquist from television’s America Has Talent along with another contestant from this season Bobby Badfinger, are also at the Hilton from Oct. 14-15.

While we’re doing the show rundown, don’t forget to get your tickets to Celine Dion’s "A New Day" before it closes. Bette Midler’s tickets for her Coliseum show are already on sale with Cher in the wings.

What can we say about the demise of Las Vegas shows? They come and go but at the Mandalay Bay Mama Mia is still a no-brainer. It’s still doing great business after six years. Jersey Boys, the Frankie Valle & the Four Seasons show, could turn out to be the biggest hit yet. Like Mama Mia, Broadway has embraced Jersey Boys. What is the Phantom doing at the Venetian? It’s been cut down to eight shows a week, hmmm. It’s an incredible show, a masterpiece, maybe it’s just too heavy for the Vegas nights.

Again, it’s Danny Gans at the Mirage that is the constant. Why does everyone love Danny? Because he’s a young impressionist whose talent let’s him keep up with the times. Danny is more than an impressionist, he has the talent to go the distance. He’s back with his management, Chip Lightman, which could be a marriage made in heaven. Sorry, I didn’t perform the ceremony.

We haven’t heard too much about Rita Rudner lately. She’s at Harrah’s and we know she’s doing a sitcom with John Lovett (television). We’re waiting for Criss Angel at the Luxor, the Cirque and magic! What amazes this columnist, also at the Luxor, is Carrot Top doing an unbelievable business. Ron Lucas has gone from two shows to one in the afternoon at the Luxor.

More shocking is Stefanie Jordan, the star of Fantasy, which has been re-worked by Anita Mann, Stefanie does seven days a week with two shows a night. That’s a lot for any entertainer. You must love show business darling, I sure couldn’t do it.

Back to the Hilton, did we all hear about Barry Manilow not wanting to appear on Barbara Walters’ television show The View? What was that all about? To me, television is television. It’s not about politics, it’s about exposure. Get with the program Barry. Now we hear he’s going on the road to promote his new album.

If you all remember, I am now the Reverend Monti Rock III doing Million Dollar Weddings. I’m working with Viva Las Vegas Chapel on Las Vegas Boulevard. I’m trying to put a stop to all the activity outside the Courthouse. It’s like a carnival with people shouting for business. Las Vegas is the wedding capital of the world, there’s enough business for everyone without the carnival scene. We don’t need chapel wars.

It you want a beautiful wedding don’t forget to call Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel and book your Monti Rock special day.

How quickly the O.J. Simpson thing has almost gone away and not fast enough for most of us.

The Cavemen at the Golden Nugget still doing seven days a week with a matinee. Let’s not forget a comedy legend, Don Rickles, who will be appearing October 5-7 at the Golden Nugget. Following Rickles, Rich Little opens with an extended run.

It’s a run down of the Cirque shows... "O" still doing great business and six months advance ticket sales at Bellagio, Mystere at Treasure Island, Zumanity at New York, New York, Le Reve at Wynn and Love at The Mirage Soon there will be an Elvis tribute.

Cirque, Cirque, Cirque. Maybe with Midler’s arrival there will be a breath of fresh air to this show business fabric. And let’s not forget Cher, she can still bring down the house as well as Sir Elton John at the Coliseum. I hosted a party at Planet Hollywood for the third anniversary of Que Pasa Las Vegas Magazine.