Indians, Red Sox may meet

Oct 2, 2007 2:50 AM

Let’s start off with the baseball playoffs. Cleveland will host the mighty Yankees and will surely be a slight underdog in this series. But I’ll go with the Indians, as C.C. Sabathia and Carmona will be formidable opponents, and hopefully can limit MVP A-Rod to his past sub-par performances in the playoffs.

With Andy Petite being the only good left hander to face them they have a great shot at the winner of the Red Sox-Angels series. I have to stick with the Boston club in that series, as Manny and David Ortiz form a dynamic duo, especially at Fenway Park.

The Angels, however, are a dangerous club that do not play American League baseball, as they often steal bases, have hit and run plays and sacrifice bunt as part of their special repertoire. They are hurting some at this time, and the Sox are fortunate that Valadie Guerrero "Mr. Everything" is not close to 100%.

If you thought the "Amazing Mets" were truly amazing the year they won the World Series, how would you describe the 2007 Met team? They lost their last eight out of nine home games. Amazing.

Give the Phillies all the credit in the world. They played great down the stretch, and they’ve got enough big bats to go all the way. Incidentally, they may be the best "over" team in baseball, replacing the historic Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

In the NFL this week the Tennessee Titans have come out in the early line as 7½ point favorites. That may be enough for the Falcons to get the money. Tampa Bay, a team that appears to be much improved, will get 10 or more from the Colts, whose defense got pretty banged up last week while playing the over-rated Denver Broncos.

Next Sunday night the best game to watch may be Boise and New Mexico State, as both teams are probably averaging over 30 points per game.

Is my wife going to be thrilled about the addition of a Tuesday night game this week. I didn’t know what the hell to do last Tuesday! Now we’ll have a game every night, at least this week. Rah!

Joke of the week: The following is taken directly from our local newspaper on September 26, I swear: "Ohio State Buckeyes’ third-team quarterback Antonio Henton was arrested Monday night in Columbus, Ohio, on a charge of soliciting a prostitute."

How is this possible, I ask? They go on to say "Henton, 20, pled not guilty in Franklin County Municipal Court to the misdemeanor charge." The article continues "the soliciting charge carries a maximum penalty of six months in jail and a $1,000 fine, but generally results in a small fine."

This poor kid, who undoubtedly spends his entire week taking snaps from a 250+ pound center, really needs a lawyer, and Franklin County prosecutors surely have too much time on their hands. The only logical explanation I can find is that the prostitute is a Michigan fan.

It’s quite obvious that the world has passed me by. When I was 20 I was in the Army and "Ladies of the Evening" used to line up at the gates on payday weekends greeting the boys who had been restricted to the post for a number of weeks. I’m not positive, but it seems like Columbus, Ohio has no Army post, or they would have the prosecutors working overtime to enforce this law.

In the olden days many cities throughout the U.S. had what was called "Red Light Districts" in which a guy could shoot craps or solicit all the prostitutes he could find. My guess is that even fellow columnist Richard Saber’s beloved Steubenville, Ohio had one. Maybe not as he probably wouldn’t admit it anyway. Tell the truth Rich!

I can’t finish off this segment without telling you what a carton of cigarettes would get a G.I. in Japan and Korea in those days. No, I better not, as it might be too spicy for this publication. I’ll save it for my article in Hustler.

A few personal notes: Number 1: Marty, come and collect your watch from last week. Number 2: Coach Shottenheimer, please call the Chargers’ home office as soon as possible. Number 3: With all the defensive injuries on the Bears, maybe Rex can play defensive safety. Really, giving up 34 points to the Lions in the fourth quarter alone is unbelievable. Number 4: Congratulations to Brett Favre on throwing the most touchdown passes in history. You deserve it, as one of the real good guys in sports. Number 5: Mike Martz, please call the Rams’ home office.

Have a great week!