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Dogs really strutting, especially at home

Oct 2, 2007 8:50 AM
7-6 32-24-5 57.1

The dogs had their way with the favorites for the second straight week, coming way with a 9-3 mark.

But that was just the half of it.

I don’t remember the home dawgs having a better week in the NFL in the last few years. The Falcons, Browns, Lions, Bills, Cards and Giants gave the home puppies a stellar 6-2 record with the Bengals outcome pending on Monday night.

The Cowboys, Colts and Packers remained undefeated. The Bills used a rookie QB and the Falcons stayed with an abused QB to knock their teams off the shnide. The Lambs and Fish have more questions than answers as they stay fixed in the glaring light of the shnide and remained winless.

It was a so-so week for Denny The Dog. I would have been better off taking every dog on the board so far this season. The dawgs are sitting pretty at 34-21-5 after four weeks.

Panthers +3 at Saints: The Saints are coming off a Monday night thrashing from the Titans. Last year’s Cinderella playoff team is still searching to replace the goose egg in their win column. Panthers are fresh off a Buccaneer bashing. Carolina was also without Jake Delhomme. Betting on either club is a scary proposition. If both sides frighten you, take the points! PANTHERS.

Jags -2 at Chiefs: Larry Johnson was just starting to whine after two losses. But now the Chiefs are on a 2 game roll, coming off impressive 10 point come-from-behind upset of San Diego on the road. Jags lost their first game, then came back to win two prior to the bye. I like the Jags defense to take control of this contest. JAGS.

Lions +3½ at Skins: Overachievers on both sides of the ball. I’m going with the red-hot QB plus the hook. LIONS.

Falcons +7½ at Titans: Might be difficult for Titans to sneak up on any team after starting 2-1 and only losing to Colts by 2! Falcons might be a little underrated. With a few breaks, they could easily 2-2. Joey Harrington got one of the many monkeys off his back with upset over Texans. FALCONS.

Dolphins +4½ at Texans: Houston missed Ahman Green and Andre Johnson. Dolphins were like a fish out of water without Zack Thomas. I’m not sure when Miami will get off the shnide. I can’t see betting against it this Sunday. TEXANS.

Seahawks +5 at Steelers: We’ll have to see how the Steelers respond to a little tougher competition. Maybe we were too quick to put them in the Super Bowl. Let’s see if they can take a punch. Bills, Niners and Browns didn’t provide any. The Cards did and the Seahawks should do as well. SEAHAWKS.

Browns +14½ at Patriots: I’m going with the Brownies, especially if the Pats win by a blowout Monday nite in Cincinnati. Pats should be overrated. Brownies not getting much respect, even at 2-2. Could be 3-1 if not for a late time-out that nullified potential winning field goal at Oakland. BROWNS.

Cards -3 at Rams: Marc Bulger is playing injured. Steven Jackson has been a non factor. I see nothing positive happening with the Lambs. The Cards are pulling out all stops with musical QBs and the team is responding. CARDS.

Jets +3 at Giants: No practice makes perfect for Plaxico Burress. It seems the less he practices the better he and G-men perform. If Plaxico is healthy enough to play, the bookies will have to pay! The red flag should have been raised on the Jets when they barely beat the stinky Fish! GIANTS.

Bucs +10 at Colts: How strong are the Colts and Peyton Manning? They spotted the Broncos double digits and then came back to cover double digits! Bucs could play spoiler to any plans of covering double digits this week. Bucs have five new starters on D and a great mix of wily vets and new, young blood. BUCS.

Chargers +1½ at Broncos: Bolts won opening day and haven’t covered since. Denver hasn’t won the money yet this season! I’m picking San Diego, but I’m not sure why. The pick might be to change the depressing tone of Tomlinson’s post-game interviews and prevent him from jumping off the nearest bridge. CHARGERS.

Ravens -4 at 49ers: It’s difficult to back the Niners after two straight losses and the injury to Alex Smith. I’m not a big Trent Dilfer fan at this point in his career. RAVENS.

Bears +3 at Packers: The Packers at 4-0 can do no wrong! The Bears at 1-3 can do nothing right. Everyone thought Griese was going to solve all Da Bears debilitating issues. Instead, Bears fans got more of the same. Three picks and a weaker defense PACKERS.

Cowboys -10 at Bills: Dallas might get caught looking ahead to the Patriots. Bills may be in capable hands with new QB Trent Edwards. BILLS.