Teams with healthy QB should feel lucky

Oct 9, 2007 2:40 AM
6-7 39-31-5 55.7

Count your lucky stars if you have a healthy first string QB!

There are at least a half-dozen teams seeing starts after their prized quarterbacks were banged around and knocked dizzy last Sunday.

Ken Whisenhunt’s catchy rendition of musical chairs, which had raced to the top of the charts in Arizona is over. Matt Leinart’s broken collarbone change Kurt Warner’s status from the hurry-up-offense-guy to the every down QB. David Carr toughed it out for Fox’s Panthers in New Orleans after his spine was mangled like a pretzel.

The Rams and Vikes are both dealing with journeymen QBs in Frerotte and Holcomb after injuries to Bulger and Jackson. The Raiders are hoping for a Culpepper renaissance in Oakland. And, I’m sure the Dolphins will be hoping that a Lemon will drive them out of the deep trouble they’re in after Trent Green was knocked silly for the tenth time in the last three years.

I’m not sure who’s more banged up after Week 5, the quarterbacks I mentioned above or Denny The Dog. The favorites came out on top last week so I’m just happy to be alive and kicking.

Sunday, Oct. 14:

Bengals -3½ at Chiefs: KC was manhandled in their own backyard by the Jaguars. But, the Chiefs play tough D at home. I don’t see them losing two home games in succession. CHIEFS.

Texans +6 at Jaguars: I’m not sure any defense is playing as well as the Jags right now. De Rio’s chargers have not allowed over 14 points by any opponent through their first four games. Houston looks like it might be ready to stumble. JAGS.

Dolphins +5 at Browns: Ok, it probably isn’t funny anymore after five straight weeks of losses. But, I don’t really care. I actually think Miami’s first round pick, Ted Ginn, Jr., was a lemon. And now they’ve got one starting at QB with Green out. BROWNS.

Vikings +6 at Bears: Minnesota has a decent defense, but can’t get out of the way when possessing the ball. I don’t think Holcomb is going to take charge after two straight losses and lead them anywhere but south in the division. Griese rebounded at Green Bay. BEARS.

Eagles -1 at Jets: If Philly was going to pick a week to make a positive statement, it couldn’t pick a more favorable matchup. Jets having major troubles on the road and home sweet home hasn’t proven much easier. It’s now or never for McNabb! EAGLES.

Rams +10 at Ravens: I think there are some issues preventing the Ravens from living up to expectations. One problem is that McNair is not the QB he used to be. Another is a banged up offensive line. Still, I can’t lay double digits on a banged up team. RAMS.

Titans +3 at Bucs: Both of these clubs play with great energy and have surprised their critics. But, the Bucs lost a Cadillac and now the rental, Michael Pittman, has a flat tire. I like the teams and both coaches. Given the scenario, I generally take the points. TITANS.

Skins +4½ at Packers: Washington’s defense has an aggressive style that has paid dividends in 3-out-of-4 games. Campbell is proving to be more than capable and Gibbs in starting to lengthen the leash a little more each week. May be confusion in GB after second half meltdown against Bears. SKINS.

Panthers +3 at Cards: Leinart is out indefinitely. Kurt Warner now the QB. The party might be over for the Cards. PANTHERS.

Patriots -3 at Cowboys: Dallas one of the few teams that can match the Pats offensive firepower. New England not as great as the numbers indicated last week against Cleveland. If not better this week, the Boys should cover easy. COWBOYS.

Raiders +10 at Chargers: I don’t think the Bolts are as tough as they might have thought they were after going into Denver and destroying the Broncos. I fail to believe that all their troubles are over because of one road victory. RAIDERS.

Saints +7 at Seahawks: Seattle may have been exposed as a pretender after being shutout in Pittsburgh. Saints are no contender, but they’re playing hard and desperately trying to get off that infamous O-fer shnide! This might break the goose egg. SAINTS.

Monday, Oct. 15

Giants -3 at Falcons: I have to be honest. After the G-men dropped their first two games, I thought Tom Coughlin would pop a vein in his neck. But Eli and Plaxico have stepped up to the plate and it long ball after long ball. In Michael Vick’s absence, Falcons have gone to the dogs. GIANTS.