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We’re not buying Griese

Oct 9, 2007 7:08 AM
5-2 3-2 15-14-2

Come hell or high water, Detroit is going to lose every time at Washington.

It was our best bet and the complete antithesis of what went on in San Francisco when viewers were subjected to the Dilfer Bowl between former Trent team Baltimore and current one San Francisco.

Rarely has there even been a more sorry affair. The fact that the Niners lost at home and yet managed to cover explains is apropos.

Week 6

Sunday, Oct. 14

Vikings +6 at Bears: I like Minnesota’s chances coming off a bye and if the game plan is to give rookie Adrian Peterson the ball. I’m not sold on Griese after one win at Green Bay, and the Packers gave that one away. VIKES.

Texans +7½ at Jags: Now that Houston has struggled a bit lately, the lines are getting back to normal. That means there is value on the Texans again, especially against these guys. TEXANS.

Eagles -2½ at Jets: The Jets wore down in the second half against the Giants, a bad trait. It may be time to pull Chad. Meantime, the Eagles have a few extra days to prepare and should get their often injured star RB Brian Westbrook back in the lineup. EAGLES.

Patriots at Cowboys: Haven’t seen a line yet due to the Monday night situation, but this figures to be an all-out battle. Both offenses should are potent and this could be the best game yet played in the National Football League. Please, let it be so. OVER.

Saints +7½ at Seahawks: This is it for New Orleans. If there is any passion left from last year’s amazing season, it has to emerge here. Seattle is comfortable at home, but was humbled on offense at Pittsburgh. SAINTS.

Monday, Oct. 15

Giants -3 at Falcons: If the G-men can play a decent first half, they should run away and hide in the second half. Eli’s coming! GIANTS.