A mixed-group way keno ticket that covers it all

Apr 3, 2001 9:34 AM

   My favorite ticket this week is the 80-way 9. Like last week’s 100-way 8, this is a covering way ticket. It covers the whole keno board — all 80 numbers.

   It’s marked using 10 groups of 4 and 8 groups of 5. The illustration to right is nicely lined off for clarity, but you can “road map” the ticket any way you want, as long as you have the proper number of 5- and 4-spot groups when you’re done.

   Again, like last week’s ticket, this one is admirably suited for play at 10 cents per way, or on one of the special “dime rates” that have popped up over the last few years. It’s not as well suited for tournament play as the 8-spot because the top end payout is much harder to hit, though the reward is about the same.

   Since this is, again, a “mixed group” way ticket — that is, one comprised of different sized groups — all the groups on the ticket do not work together like on a 190-way 8 or a 120-way 10. If you want the groups of 4 to work together, you can play the 45-way 8. If you want the groups of 5 to work together, you can play the 28-way 10. This will result in a ticket with ways totaling 153 ways, still cheaper than the 190-way 8.

   The reason this is a good ticket harkens back to the real attractions of keno (or any lottery, for that matter.) The chance to win a large amount of money with a relatively small bet is the attraction. If you can play an 80-way 9 for a dime per way, this gives you many chances to win a big jackpot for a reasonable investment. Although I’ve never hit a solid nine on this ticket, I’ve hit some eight out of nines, which pay over $400 at a mere dime per way. Not a bad return!

   The ticket is illustrated above.

Tournament update

   April 28: Peppermill Reno BLT #35; call (800) 648-6992 Ext. 7290.

   May 18-20: Sundowner Reno; call (800) 648-5490 Ext. 349.

   June 2: Harrah’s Reno Klassic; call (800) 427-7247.

   July 4: Sands Regency Reno. Summer Tournament; call (800) 233-4939 ext. 2247.

   July 20-22: Sundowner Reno; call (800) 648-5490.

   Sept. 8: Harrah’s Reno Klassic; call (800) 427-7247.

   Oct. 5-6: Sands Regency Reno. Fall Tournament; call (800) 233-4939 Ext. 2247.

   Oct. 12-14: Sundowner Reno; call (800) 648-5490 Ext. 349.

   Nov. 10: Harrah’s Reno Klassic; call (800) 427-7247.

   Dec. 7-9: Sundowner Reno; call (800) 648-5490 Ext. 349.

Weekly tournaments

   Thursday nights, Atlantis Casino Reno.

   Fridays, 7 p.m., Horizon Lake Tahoe.

   Last Saturday of each month, Harvey’s Lake Tahoe.

   Sunday nights, Peppermill Reno.

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   If you’re a keno manager with a tournament announcement, contact me via this paper and provide your phone number or e-mail address.

   Well, that’s it for now. Good luck! I’ll see you in line.