Proclamation to Johnny on 80 was shock

Oct 16, 2007 1:10 AM

Hello to everyone.

This is Okie Sarah. My dad "Oklahoma Johnny" Hale is in the hospital for a little repair work so I am in the saddle here in the Poker Player. Dad is going to be just fine and "Back in the Saddle Again" soon.

Today, I am going to tell you a couple of things about my dad, that you may not know. For his 80th birthday poker party last week at the Venetian, he was presented with a proclamation from the State of Oklahoma Legislature.

The proclamation named "Oklahoma Johnny Hale" as a favorite son. As you all know, I am extremely proud of my dad.

Now, therefore pursuant to a motion by Rep. Eric Proctor and as it is fitting and proper, and acting on behalf of the people of this great state, Oklahoma Johnny Hale has been named an Oklahoma Favorite Son.

The proclamation was signed by members of the State Legislature, past Oklahoma Sooners and Dallas Cowboys head football coach Barry Switzer and the honorable Oklahoma Gov. Brad Henry.

Dad did not know this honor was coming. Nobody can kid dad about naming things after himself. This favorite son title, was given to him from his beloved home state.

Here is another that I named for him, called "The Oklahoma Johnny Hale Youth Camp.

Oh yes, continuing with the theme of great players I have played with, I got lucky again and won my dad’s 80th birthday poker party tourney last week at the Venetian’s elegant poker room.

The competition was hosted by my good friend Kathy Raymond, Director of Poker Operations for the Venetian on the Las Vegas, Nevada Strip. This one was so special for me and I wanted really bad to win this one. Not for the Gipper, but my dad!

Perry Green, the man from Alaska, came down from Anchorage just to play in the event. Mr. Green was runner up in the WSOP championship to the great Stu Unger.

There were just three of us left in the no limit tournament when this hand came up. I was fortunate to be sitting to the left of Mr. Perry — I always like to have strong poker players sit on my right side!

I had a good size stack of chips (about twice as many as Mr. Perry) when he went "All in" in front of me. I had a suited rag ace, and really thought that I should not call. This was my chance to play a hand with a really great world respected poker player.

If I were to lose, I would still have a lot of chips remaining that I could still play with. So I called Mr. Perry’s "All In" bet. My heart did a flip flop when he turned over two black kings, but I got lucky. The poker god liked me and I hit the ace.

I had mixed emotions. Mr. Perry, a member in good standing with "The Seniors" WCOP/Poker Players Hall of Fame, had come so far to honor my father and play. I was sorry that he was out of the tourney, but happy to have all of those chips.

I am OK-Sarah and I always stay lucky!

Whereas, Oklahoma Johnny Hale

”¡ Was born on September 30, 1927 in Crowder, Oklahoma.

”¡ Volunteered at the age of 17 to join the United States navy during the world war # 2.

”¡ Served in the United States navy during the
Korean war.

”¡ Graduated in 1952 as a civil engineer from the University of Oklahoma

”¡ Created thousands of jobs for Oklahoma citizens.

”¡ Lived a life full of love - for his family, his home state of Oklahoma, and Oklahoma football.

”¡ Has given countless hours and money to
numerous charities.

”¡ Founder of "The Seniors’ World Championship of Poker.

”¡ Was presented a gold bracelet from Benny
Binion, creator of the wsop.

”¡ And, was named the World Series of Poker’s Best All Around Player.