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Me and Bette at Coliseum? I can hope!

Oct 16, 2007 2:04 AM

This week television’s Dancing with the Stars said farewell to Las Vegas icon Wayne Newton, who was booted off. But to his defense, Wayne did an admirable job and was gracious. In my book he’s still Mr. Las Vegas.

We all know that Jane Seymour lost her Mom, but won the hearts of America. Marie Osmond, you’ve got it Baby. The hunk from Brazil, race car driver Helio (Castroneves), has a winning smile and could go the distance.

Sir Richard Branson was in Las Vegas this week to celebrate the arrival of Virgin Airlines, which will be flying to and from Las Vegas to the West Coast and New York. There was much ado with showgirls and fireworks. Sir Richard topped the festivities by repelling down the side of the Palms. Well, it was more like a free fall. He did get bounced around and scraped his arm on the way down. Poor billionaire. Sir Richard, you have all that money, live to enjoy it!

We all know that Sir Richard has been distracted lately with the loss of his fellow adventurer, Steve Fossett. All the money and knowledge that was available couldn’t recover his friend. This was a loss to Fossett’s family, his friends and to America.

In national news: Lindsay Lohan is out of rehab and made up with her father, leaving Hollywood for a million dollar apartment in New York. Lindsay will start working on her latest film next week.

Jenny from the Bronx (Jennifer Lopez), four months pregnant with twins, will be in Las Vegas with hubby Marc Anthony next week performing at the MGM Grand on Oct. 26. This is J-Lo’s first live tour and should be a winner. Remember, Marc can sing.

Britney, Britney, Britney Spears, get off the camera. Your 15 minutes are up, or is it 20 minutes? She reunited with her mother, but her love affair is with the paparazzi. Get out of Hollywood, Britney. Can’t be all bad for Britney since her single is No. 1 on the Billboard charts.

Paris Hilton has a new perfume out. Her ex, sex tape genius Rick Salomon, just married Pamela Anderson, who is reportedly three months pregnant. Hmm, wonder where that leaves Hans Klok? After all, she’s been appearing with Hans in his magic act at Planet Hollywood.

Poor Anna Nicole. Can’t we just leave her alone? Now there’s a raging scandal over statements made in Rita Cosby’s book about a gay liaison between Howard and Larry Birkhead. Oh, get a life, get a life!

Rich Little, the man of 2000 voices, will be appearing at the Golden Nugget Oct. 23. The Nugget also hosts the Caveman seven days a week. Another reason to go downtown is the Canyon Club at the Four Queens, where Harmick as Tom Jones is wowing audiences.

Don’t forget to check out the re-tooled Le Reve at the Wynn. Maksim Chmerkovsky of Dancing With the Stars fame, is now choreographing a new segment for Le Reve.

Sandy Kastel is a name you’ll be hearing a lot. Sandy, who will be appearing at the Suncoast next week, has been involved in the Vegas scene since her school days. Her father, Dick Kastel, worked with all the big stars like Sinatra, Liza, Ann Margret, Steve and Eydie.

The swing and the big band sound belong to Sandy now. In addition to performing and writing (yes, song writing), Sandy has been involved with the Miss America Pageant and the Children’s Miracle Network. Sandy’s appearance at the Suncoast on Oct.24 is a not to be missed show.

Last week Celine Dion had a problem with her throat, maybe a possible virus, and had to take a few days off. She’s now back at Caesars Coliseum. Catch the show while you can. Of course we’re all waiting for Bette Midler. The Coliseum at Caesars Palace is a masterpiece of 4,500 seats. If you can fill those seats, you’re a mega star.

A mega star is like an Aretha, Madonna or Prince, but to me Celine Dion has done it consistently for five years. With her arrival on the scene, I began with a very positive slant. I felt she was an international star. So, who can fill her shoes and that room? Still remains to be seen.

Bette and I go back a long way, to the days of Johnny Carson on television and New York City cabarets. We’ve never actually "performed" together, but who knows, there’s always a first time. Monti and the Coliseum, the Coliseum and Monti! Or maybe Monti and the Coliseum with Bette.

My good friend, Freda Payne, is bringing her Tribute to Ella Fitzgerald show, to town in November.

In writing the column last week, I got in a bit of hot water. Something about The Producers in February or March. It’s rumor, right? We all know that the showroom at the Paris has had many strange outings from "We Will Rock You", the Queen musical, to "The Hunchback of Notre Dame," another musical, to a magic act from Canada that didn’t fare very well. I keep trying for the positive slant as a columnist. Not everything is rosy in Las Vegas.

With Halloween and Christmas approaching, there’s a lot to celebrate. Is it Trick or Treat time? This year, your humble columnist, The Full Monti, is being honored as the Man of the Century. No, not the Man of the Year, it’s the Man of the Century. I’m verklempt!

Little ”˜ole me began writing these columns eight years ago and it’s part of the fabric that is Las Vegas, around the world. I really want to thank GamingToday, all my supporters as well as distractors who make my brand, my leopards, my cats. I only want to bring fun to the fabric of Las Vegas, as well as my "Million Dollar Weddings.