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The BCS is out, so the ‘BS’ is in

Oct 16, 2007 3:00 AM

The standings have come out for the BCS and Ohio State is No. 1, and South Florida is No. 2. Could this possibly be the Joke of the Week?

Actually, South Florida has beaten two pretty good teams in Auburn and West Virginia, and if they get by Rutgers this week, we may see them in the Super Bowl of College Football in early January. I’m not sure but I don’t think Ohio State was in the top 25 at the beginning of the season. This indeed would have been an absolute limit quinnella.

Somehow I caught a few winners last week, so I’ll expand my selections and give all my faithful an opportunity to lose more this week. I’m going with South Florida —3 at Rutgers, as I saw them score over 50 last weekend and I was really impressed.

I also like Tennessee at a pick visiting Alabama. Oklahoma may try to run up the score on Iowa State to impress the pollsters — at least you should bet the first half on them.

In the NFL, if that game I saw last Sunday between the Pats and Cowboys was a dress rehearsal for the Super Bowl, it sure won’t be pretty. The Pats totally dominated Dallas, in Dallas, so the Super Bowl line would definitely have to be in double figures, which is not really conducive to high volume for the books, which is bad, due to less juice and less interest.

Anyway, as far as week 7 goes, the total on the Dolphin game is much too high, for only one team (Pats) will score. The Colts are a slim 3 point favorite over Jacksonville on Monday night, based on the defensive run-stopping ability of the hosting Jaguars. I guess Payton will be forced to throw more! Get it!

Due to the lack of significant sporting events this week I’ll begin this segment with "Bits and Pieces." With only the baseball playoffs, college and NFL football, hockey, exhibition NBA basketball to enjoy, what has a guy got to bet on this week?

Terry Francona, the Red Sox manager, when asked about his upcoming series with the Cleveland Indians said "The team that plays the best will win." A great answer to a ridiculous question.

How would it sound if he said "I think they’ll beat us in six games?" Other sports quotes come to mind, such as Allen Iverson’s consistent referral to "this was only practice." Practice! Practice!

How about the Colts coach and his famous line, "Playoffs, playoffs, playoffs." Or Arizona coach Dennis Green’s evaluation of a game with the Bears which his team just handed to them on a platter of "We got what we thought we would get." I never quite understood that one but it was indeed a gem.

Enough of the quotes, now to a few mysteries. I hate magic because I can never figure out how it’s done, but Danny Angie, the G.M. of the Boston Celtics, really impressed me by trading a below average team away and getting three superstars and some role players and transformed them into an absolute contender for the Eastern Division League Championship over night. I can’t figure that out either.

Why is it in the NFL the wide receiver position tends to inflate egos to an extent of absurdity, when the greatest wide out in history, Jerry Rice, was as humble and gentlemanly as any high level producer that we’ve ever seen.

The Monday Night Football broadcasting team has really beefed up their crew with more out of place bodies than is imaginable. Now they’ve got two female sideline reporters who keep us apprised of all the pertinent information we need to know. However, my problem is due I’m sure to my advanced age, as I can never hear their valuable contribution over the impolite roars of the crowd. There must be some way that old guys like me can hear them better. I’m confident, however, that what I miss I’ll be filled in expertly by Tony, Tony, Tony, who incidentally speaks softly but carries no stick!

Does it seem strange to you that in baseball field bosses are called managers but in football they’re called coaches? For those of you who have the NFL Network you’ll see the funniest program on TV. "Put Up Your Dukes" is hysterical, especially when Jamie Dukes talks to the TV screen while listening to various prerecorded football player interviews. This enormously wide bodied man is indeed the last comic standing.

Have a great week!