Just took bye forSaints to say, Hi

Oct 16, 2007 5:22 AM
4-1 3-2 19-15-2

Maybe the Saints can put together a midseason march. Hey, the Colorado Rockies did.

Finally, Reggie Bush looked like himself in Seattle. Bye week can do a lot of wondrous things.

Off a nice 4-1 week, not including my Giants pick Monday night at Atlanta, we will try to find a few good buys and wonder if anyone will have the guys to take +17 and Miami at home against the New England juggernaut.

Quarterback Matt Schaub had a rough game in Jacksonville last week for Houston. Good reason to lay off the Texans this week against visiting Tennessee.

Sunday, Oct. 21

Vikings +10½ at Cowboys: Dallas has had a couple of wild weeks with Buffalo and New England. A healthy dose of AP here and I believe Minnesota can make things very interesting in Big D. VIKINGS.

Patriots +17 at Dolphins: Mismatch, you bet. Brady could throw seven TDs, but I don’t think it will be this week. The Patriots have been scoring 30 a game. Sooner or later, they have to ease off the pedal. I’m just not about ignoring 17 big points in your home stadium. Besides, RB Ronnie Brown is having a nice year. DOLPHINS.

Bucs +1 at Lions: Remember, Detroit never wins at Washington. Well, getting +1 at home against Tampa is not a bad deal. It’s been that kind of season. LIONS.

Cards +7½ at Redskins: Go figure Arizona out, but I do know this team is a lot better to me as a rather high dog than a favorite. Washington still doesn’t use Portis enough. This should stay close. CARDINALS.

Ravens -3 at Bills: Baltimore doesn’t impress me at all offensively, and just rides the good D to make every game a field goal contest. On the road, I think Baltimore can be had. The Bills had Dallas put away two weeks ago. BILLS.

Falcons NL at Saints: New Orleans doesn’t like Atlanta, and I don’t like the Falcons much either. Second week of the great recovery. SAINTS.