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A heavy-hearted farewell to Joey, Deborah

Oct 22, 2007 4:59 AM

Sometimes, and just by chance, I catch an item that both amuses and amazes me.  Ah, the power of television.  Caught Ellen DeGeneres, who did a six-minute crying jag about a dog she had adopted and given away.  It wasn’t scripted and she was sincere.  Must say, I agree with Ellen — just give the dog back!  I’m sure the animal rescue folks do a lot of good work but maybe, just maybe, their self-appointed efforts to do the right thing could be re-evaluated ”¦ after all, people have feelings too.  How about a little rescue for us? 

Sad news is the passing of the great Deborah Kerr, a real leading lady. And, of course, my old friend, Joey Bishop, the last of the Rat Pack. I had the good fortune to appear on his TV talk show years ago and found him to be not only funny, but a sincere and gentle man. Truly is the end of an era.

Anthony Cools is starring at the Paris in a theater named for Anthony.  That gives you a small hint of the man’s talent.  Anthony came to Las Vegas after leaving his job as Canada’s number one disc jockey.  He’s truly multi-talented on the guitar, bass, keyboards and even drums.  In addition to headlining his own show, he wrote and produced Ooh La La, the newest topless sensation to hit the Strip.  I said he was multi-talented, and he continues to reveal his talents as a photographer and artist.  Check out Anthony at the Paris hotel/casino.

The blonde update from Las Vegas includes talk concerning Pamela Anderson, who was recently married in a stunning dress  created by Valentino.  Seems Pamela might be back in business with a new strip club called Scores, as her show with Hans Klok is closing Dec 8 at Planet Hollywood.  At one time Anna Nicole Smith had the same kind of deal going.  It was a gentlemen’s club.   

Of course I have to get my two cents, or two lines, in about Britney Spears.  I want to tell her to get out of the car!  Take off those sunglasses and get out of the media. 

Downtown Las Vegas is still offering up some great entertainment.  We all know that Rich Little is at the Golden Nugget and is sharing the bill with the Caveman.  Dick Feeney’s Viva Las Vegas is still a headliner and is currently at the Plaza and the Four Queens has  Harmack doing impressions of Tom Jones.  Of course the Fremont Street Experience is still at the top of the list for tourists.  It’s free, too!  What could be better than that?  Great sound, bright lights, a Las Vegas original, but then, what in Las Vegas isn’t original? Not even the copy-cat shows! 

The wedding chapel wars continue to be news.  The greed and questionable practices of some of the chapels in an effort to get business is appalling.  There’s none of that with Monti’s Million Dollar Weddings.  Mr. Rock does traditional weddings, and will not get into a cat fight or mud slinging when it comes to the sanctity of marriage.  There really is enough business for everyone, or so I’ve been told.  I just want to be the leader of the pack! 

Last week the Hilton hosted an array of game show hosts.  The names and shows are familiar to most of us:  Bob Eubanks, Chuck Woolery, Jamie Farr, Peter Marshall and of course my namesake, Monty Hall.  They all ended up in the Game Show Hall of Fame. 

Although he’s not quite ready for the Hall, Drew Carey is expanding (not just his waistband). Have you been watching Drew host The Price is Right?  I hear Drew just got engaged, as well, but didn’t we all.

Penn & Teller recently celebrated their five year anniversary at the Rio with a fabulous VIP private party. These guys are amazing and keep a schedule that itself is unbelievable.  The upcoming for Penn & Teller includes David Letterman and CNN’s Glenn Beck.  Whew!  I’m exhausted just thinking about it. 

Good news for all you fans of Lord of the Dance.  This show was a mainstay at New York-New York before moving to the Venetian.  The triumphant return is scheduled for December 6th at the Orleans Arena.  Tickets are on sale now. 

Comedian Vinnie Favorito has been renewed at O’Sheas and will keep us laughing with his brand of insult humor.

The Producers at The Paris Hotel may be closing in February or March. Spamalot at the Wynn is doing business but The Phantom, the greatest production ever from New York, has cut the shows down to a minimum.  Must be the feel-good music that resonates from Mandalay Bay that keeps drawing the crowds.  Maybe Jersey Boys will offer up that same feel-good music when it debuts at the soon to open Palazzo in April 2008.

Next week will be an exciting one here.  Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony will be appearing at the MGM Grand.  I’ll give you a full report next time.