Dolphins set to graduate

Oct 23, 2007 3:06 AM
8-5 56-40-6 58.3

Is there any number the bookmakers can hang on the Patriots that Tom Brady and Randy Moss can’t cover? Is there any number the bookies can hang on a Dolphins or Rams’ opponent that those winless bums CAN cover?

As of this moment it appears the answer to both questions is no. No one can pressure Tom Brady. No one can cover Randy Moss. And, neither Miami nor St. Louis can break the goose egg in their win column.

With losses this Sunday, both teams can claim zero victories at the halfway mark of the season. I don’t know which is the tougher accomplishment? Is it the Pats going undefeated with ease to this point or is it more difficult to go winless as the Fish and Rams have done with little or no effort!

Denny The Dog is reaching back with all the effort he can muster every week. So far so good.

Browns -3 at Rams: Gus Frerotte was on a 4-picks per game pace over the last two games for St. Louis. So Marc Bulger hurried back from his injury to slow that nasty pace down. Bulger cut the receptions to the wrong colored jerseys down to three against Seattle. Derek Anderson’s starting to thread the needle — 14 touchdowns and an 88.9 QB rating since he took over on Week 2. BROWNS.

Lions +4 at Bears: These two rivals played four weeks ago and the Lions figured out a way to score 37 points. I’m hoping they haven’t lost their map to the end zone. Jon Kitna says four down and six more (wins) to go! I like the way Detroit is using Calvin Johnson. Kevin Jones, now healthy, is seeing more playing time and more daylight. Benson is still a bust. LIONS.

Colts -6½ at Panthers: I knew David Carr would need to compete with Jake Delhomme. But I didn’t think the competition would involve my cousin Vinny Testaverde. I like my chances with Manning over either one. COLTS.

Giants -10½ at Dolphins: It’s about time the G-men started reading all their press clippings. I’m sure they’ve heard the rumblings. Who’s the best team in the NFC? Dallas? Could it possibly be the Giants? The Fish are 0-7 and out of water. But they’re flying over the big pond this week and I think their defense will finally show up. The offense has been ready to register their first win for a couple of weeks. DOLPHINS.

Raiders +8 at Titans: I’m not sure why the Titans are favored by over a TD. I know Vince should be back. But his last name is Young, not Brady. Titans have only covered 8 points in one of their four wins this season. RAIDERS.

Eagles -1 ½ at Vikings: If the Vikes could get any production out of their QB position they could put several wins on the board. Five completions like Jackson registered versus Dallas, won’t get the job done. But their defense combined with Adrian Peterson will be enough at home. Eagles stooped to a new low after allowing Brian Griese to drive for winning score in the final minute. The old Eagles would have put the game away! VIKES.

Steelers -4 at Bengals: Mike Tomlin is doing a fantastic job. But he needs a little training from Mike Shanahan when it comes to the field goal time-out scam. Mike, you have to make the kicker boot the ball twice! I’m calling a time-out for the home dogs. The time has come for the home dog to start covering some spreads. BENGALS.

Bills +3 at Jets: Trent Edwards is 2-1 since he took over at QB. The lone loss to Dallas should have been a W. He has plenty of poise for a rookie. The Bills’ D is ready to rumble on the road while Chad Pennington is busy looking over his shoulder for the hook! BILLS.

Texans +11 at Chargers: San Diego’s coming off a bye-week which could spell trouble for a Norv Turner-coached team. TEXANS.

Jags -2½ at Bucs: Del Rio became the head coach of the Jags in 2003. Jack says it’s the best team he’s coached since he took over. I’ll take his word for it in a game featuring two QBs that don’t turn the ball over very often. JAGS.

Saints -3 at 49ers: Two teams traveling in opposite directions. Frank Gore can’t find any holes to run through. Trent Dilfer can’t find many open receivers. Brees has New Orleans on a two-game roll. Saints should be able to give the Niners’ D some confusing looks with the many talents of Reggie Bush. SAINTS.

Skins +16 at Patriots: No number has been tall enough for Brady and Moss to leap over. This number is not as high as the 17 the public bet it up to last week. But the week is young. I can’t pass on these points even though the Pats are handing me my butt every week! SKINS.

Packers +2 at Broncos: Can there be anything holding the Broncos back after their big win over Pittsburgh? BRONCOS.