Are Patriots ready to fall?

Oct 30, 2007 4:05 AM
8-4 64-45-6 58.3

It’s never happened before. Never in the history of the NFL have two undefeated teams matched up this late in the season. I think the NFL scheduling geniuses hand picked this monster mash to highlight the special week ”¦ tricks and treats galore.

The game will be a real treat. The big trick will be picking the winning side. More on that scary thought later.

The nightmares are more frequent and often accompanied by cold sweats for Rams and Dolphins fans. Both clubs are petrified at the thought of starting the second half of the season with giant goose eggs in the win column. One thing I will absolutely guarantee this week though, neither of these teams will lose. But don’t get too excited, they’re both on bye. There is room for optimism in both these fine cities. The commissioner is seriously considering placing NFL franchises in both Miami and St. Louis as early as 2009!

I’m probably going trick-or-treating with my kids this year as Bill Belichick. I’m going to throw on a ripped, hoody, bummy-looking sweatshirt. And when I get to my neighbors I’m going to be extremely terse, mumble (I may put marbles in my mouth) and ask for a camouflaged video camera instead of candy.

The favorites have pounded the dogs the last three weeks. But Denny The Dog was ready with plenty of tricks wrapped around his collar. Here’s hoping the treats keep coming.

Skins -4 at Jets: It’s difficult to remember when the Jets won their last game or covered a point spread. Pennington will probably not have to look over his shoulder this Sunday. He probably won’t even be over center! But the Skins suddenly have lost two of their last three. The offense doesn’t put many points on the board, even in the 2-point win over Arizona two weeks ago they only managed 21 points. JETS.

Packers +3 at Chiefs: Favre plus the points over Huard. The Packers’ strong D in combination with Chiefs anemic offense also makes the Packers a very live dawg! PACKERS.

Cards +3 ½ at Bucs: I can’t see the Bucs dropping two consecutive home games. Garcia will rebound against a Cards’ defense that in no way, shape or form resembles the D the Jags threw at him last Sunday. BUCS.

Panthers +5 at Titans: I loved the Titans earlier in the season when they were surprising everyone as an underdog. Vince Young just doesn’t have the offense clicking enough for me to fall in love with the Titans as a big favorite. PANTHERS.

49ers +3 at Falcons: If you see the players or coaches on either sideline bending over with clip boards, searching for something I know what it is. They’re looking for their road maps. Both clubs appear to be equally lost. Take the points and make sure you go to church on Sunday, or at least say a prayer. NINERS.

Jaguars +3 at Saints: Saints have won three straight after a horrendous 0-4 start. Two out of those three wins have come on the road. If Brees plays like he’s capable of the Saints should be able to prove they can beat a pretty decent opponent at home. SAINTS.

Broncos Pk at Lions: Jon Kitna tried to warn us about the 10 wins. The Lions are half way to 10 and this game marks the half way mark of their season. If Kevin Jones keeps sneaking through the cracks, the Lions will be ahead of schedule. LIONS.

Bengals +2½ at Bills: Cincy’s defense is so bad it almost makes them an unplayable side. BILLS.

Chargers -7 at Vikings: Home dogs were 0-5 last Sunday. There should be a sense of urgency in these home puppies since their last win at home was opening day! VIKES.

Seahawks +1 at Browns: Cleveland won their second consecutive game for the first time in 4 years! Derek Anderson has thrown 3 TD passes in each of the last 2 games. That’s a feat that hasn’t been duplicated in Cleveland since Brian Sipe in 1983! Somebody break up the Browns. BROWNS.

Patriots -5 at Colts: Pats have scored at least 34 points in every game this season! Colts are possibly the only team that could cover this point spread with the Pats scoring their average number of points! Colts have scored 29 or more in 6 of their 7 contests. Take the points and enjoy a classic! COLTS.

Texans +3 at Raiders: Oakland has lost 2 heartbreakers in a row. Should be able to grab their second home win of the season here. Schaub and Rosenfels were each picked twice at Tennessee. Raiders will come after more of the same. RAIDERS.

Cowboys -3 at Eagles: If Philly can’t handle the Bears on their home field, how in the heck are they going to stop Dallas? COWBOYS.

Ravens +7½ at Steelers: Pittsburgh has done nothing but crush opponents at home this season. But Baltimore’s season hangs in the balance right here. I expect a live dog performance and the hook looks very attractive. RAVENS.