Old favorites return to light it up

Oct 30, 2007 4:25 AM

Week 8 of the NFL had a look and flare to it that appeared somewhat like what we thought the 2007 season would actually be more like. Players that were drafted high and thought of as players that could assist in winning a Fantasy Championship finally made an appearance on the season.

Was that a Stephen Jackson sighting? I believe so, and he actually scored a TD which pays huge dividends to those who drafted him 2nd or 3rd overall in most leagues. Marc Bulger also came in nicely with over 300 yards of passing where he dished out passes like the old days to WRs Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt who had 6 catches each.

Drew Brees looked like the Brees of 2006 with 4 TD passes and three of them going to Marques Colston. Both Brees and Colston have been extreme disappointment to the teams that expected similar numbers as last season, but this could be the turning point.

Lawrence Maroney was a first round pick in most leagues because he wouldn’t be sharing carries with Corey Dillon anymore. He got some carries and ran for over 100 yards, but still couldn’t get in the end zone.

Hines Ward has always been a reliable source for 6 catches and 77 yards a game, with maybe a score or two. He’s been that rock over the last few years that you can always count on as an owner and keep your team consistently scoring valuable points. His QB always looks for him in the red zone which is a bonus. He’s been hurt this season and hasn’t produced much, but he came up big against the Bengals with two TD catches early. Good to see you back Hines!

My favorite impact player of the "They were who we thought they were" group was Lee Evans of Buffalo. Last season he had over 1200 yards receiving with 8 TD’s. He and J.P. Losman looked they had something special going on to make Bills fans and Lee Evans fantasy owners excited. It seemed like every other week that Evans was catching an 80 yard plus bomb for a TD. Coming into this season there was no reason to think that relationship wouldn’t click again. Well, we know what happened ad it was nice to finally Evans get his 85 yard bomb for a TD and get over 130 yards of receiving. The TD and the 100 yard game are both first for Evans this season.


Donovan McNabb QB (Phil) Look for the Eagle QB to have a big day against the Dallas Defense under the lights in front of the home crowd. Last week he finally got WR Reggie Brown going, a receiver that was supposed to be number one coming into the season. With deep option Kevin Curtis and steady old reliable Bryan Westbrook in the flat, this should be the Eagles night to fly high for fantasy owners of these players.

Patriots vs Colts (1:15pm)

McCormick’s take: The Colts won last years AFC title game 38-34. New England led at the half 21-6. No one has stopped, correction, no one has even slowed down the Patriots this season and I don’t expect the Colts to either. Expect Manning and Brady to trade TD drives all day and this one comes down to who has the ball last. Start any Patriot or Colt on your roster and enjoy the show.

Roberts Take: As impressive as the Pats have been, who they played has to be looked at a little closer when dissecting this week. The quality wins against the Chargers and Cowboys count for a lot, however the No Mercy pounding on some of the dregs of the league will hurt them this week. I look for Tony Dungy and the Colts to grind it out in the same short passing and running game plan that got them to and won them the Super Bowl last season. Dink and Dunk passes from Manning with lots of involvement from Joseph Addai and most importantly eating precious seconds off the clock as they keep Brady off the field as much as possible. Look for the Pats to have their lowest scoring total of the year with the Colts running backs stealing the show.