World saddened at Goulet’s passing

Nov 6, 2007 2:24 AM

Fans, friends and all of Las Vegas are saddened with the passing of Robert Goulet last week. The lights dimmed on Broadway in his honor, followed by a Las Vegas tribute on at the Golden Nugget.

Robert Goulet was an entertainment icon whose great baritone voice will always fill our hearts with music. Robert had a wonderful sense of humor and he and his lovely wife Vera often hosted fabulous parties for their friends here in Las Vegas. We all looked forward to sharing the holidays with Robert and Vera.

David Filter, English Garden Florist, was a friend of Robert’s and every year would decorate Robert and Vera’s home for the holidays. Robert was part of the fabric of Las Vegas. I first met him when he appeared with my friend Paige O’Hara at the Venetian.

Many of us remember Robert as the star of Camelot on Broadway, but he was a movie star and was a well known television star, having appeared many times on the Ed Sullivan Show and his own series. Our sincere condolences go to Robert’s family and wife of 25 years, Vera,

Porter Wagner, a great country music star, also passed this week. Among other things Porter was well known for his discovery of the one and only Dolly Parton. Of course, he was a long time fixture on the Grand Old Opry.

Just received my invitation to Planet Hollywood’s Grand Opening. What a line up of stars! Last week I was saying Bruce Willis, Bruce Willis. Well, check out this line up: Barbra Streisand, Earth Wind and Fire, television’s bad boy John Stewart and the Bruce Willis Band! Star after star including yours truly. The celebration is scheduled for Nov. 15, 16 and 17. Planet Hollywood’s Robert Earl promises this will be the opening of the century.

Hans Klok’s show is closing this week but before leaving Hans announced to Q Vegas that he’s gay. Is that more than we want to know? And he thought only his hairdresser knew. With everyone "coming out," I’m going back in.

With the holidays fast approaching the cast of Phantom has just announced they will be sponsoring a Christmas tree at Opportunity Village, the Magical Forest. Opportunity Village is unique to Las Vegas and is well known for their continued efforts on behalf of our city. We all need to support this unique charity. Thank you Phantom cast.

Local dancers are donating their time and talents for Ribbon of Live to be performed at the Orleans. This is an AIDS charity event. Like the cast of Phantom, this is another example of heart felt goodness from the true city of entertainment, Las Vegas.

My wonderful friend Charo will be doing a special performance at the Rampart. Dates and times to follow. Stay tuned.

Another friend, David Copperfield, is in town but is keeping a low profile — can’t blame him. Word is that Jeff Bleacher is still shopping around to move to a major property.

Criss Angel made the television scene this week appearing on Larry King Live and Phenomenon (no fighting, please). He’ll be appearing at the Luxor in his own version of Cirque D’Soleil., beginning in spring 2008.

Went to the MGM Grand Arena to catch the sold out performances of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony. Marc Anthony is a seasoned Latin heartthrob who can sing, sing, sing. The audience sang along with him. It was amazing because they knew all the words ... and we’re not talking English. He only sang two songs in English. Marc was like a Latin Mick Jagger singing and talking, moving from one side of the stage to the other. Charisma to the max, an A-1 performance. Jennifer Lopez, who finally announced she’s pregnant, and who looked absolutely beautiful. She still dances, too. The audience loved hearing her hits.

Marc and Jennifer’s movie, El Cantande, didn’t seem to fare too well but you’ve got to give it to them as a couple. She’s a major movie star, recording artist and businesswoman. He’s a major force in the Latin market. The MGM did an incredible job of promotions. Hey Marc, I’m a fan!

We’re all sending our best wishes to Wayne Newton who’s recovering from pneumonia. Maybe his departure from Dancing with the Stars came just in time before he had to pull a Marie Osmond and faint due to illness. Listen, they all do a fabulous job on the show but must say weren’t we all surprised with Sabrina’s exit? Who are we rooting for now? There must be a problem with the voting process. It’s not only how well you dance, buy how much of a fan base you have.

Heather Mills, Paul McCartney’s soon to be ex-wife, is crying about the media and press coverage. Heather, take the money and run.

Tickets go on sale this week for Barry Manilow at the Hilton. Barry is, hands down, the Las Vegas Headliner of the Decade.

Britnet time. Her latest CD’s a smash hit. Guess any kind of press is good press, right? But when does she get out of her car?

Next week I’ll reveal my top ten list for 2007. Again, Danny Gans is the Top Entertainer. Why would I give it to Danny? His show has improved, he continues to fine tune and update his impressions and they are right on. Danny Gans does so much for local charities and is an all-around good guy. You’re the man, Danny Gans.

Last, but not least, remember me, Reverend Monti, The Million Dollar Wedding Man!