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New security firm to serve casinos

Nov 6, 2007 5:55 AM

Global Risk Management (GRM) is a newly formed alliance of seven companies, whose aim is to provide the gaming industry one source for all their investigative, security and customer service needs.

Global Risk Management President Kyle Edwards and Chairman Peter Maheu have assembled a team of leading experts to provide a unique service to gaming and the corporate industry.

Members of Global Risk Management are GGS-US and Steve Toneguzzo and Keith Copher, providing IT security and compliance needs; Global Intelligence Network and Peter Maheu, providing in-depth investor, vendor and key background investigations; American Checked, Julie Hakman, providing employee screening solutions; API and Dennis Nelson, attorney services and employee training; AP-ID and Mike Pate, document and identification verification hardware and software; Griffin Investigations, and Beverly Griffin, Griffin Gold and patron identification software; QSI Specialists and Chuck Kenerson, customer service and integrity audits: International Investigative Solutions, and Kyle Edwards, background investigations, security and surveillance solutions.

"We, as a group, feel we have an exciting product for the gaming industry, and are pleased we can now make this announcement," said co-founding member Peter Maheu. "Global Risk Management’s services will allow developers and operators to perform their due diligence and compliance requirements in a seamless and timely fashion."