Patriots are human, miss cover

Nov 6, 2007 7:02 AM
10-3 74-49-6 60.1

Stop the presses. The Patriots didn’t cover the point spread! There’s a rumor circulating that the Pats barely escaped with a win at Indy to remain undefeated.

Brady and company are probably better off in the long run that they failed in their ninth straight attempt to win the money. With the course Belichick had been on in previous weeks, running up the score when the games were well in hand, there was going to be bodily harm inflicted on Brady, Moss or some other member of the class-less Pats eventually.

Maybe Brady and company will keep winning by smaller margins. Maybe the Pats’ reputation of rubbing a 30 point win in their opponents’ faces will fade away to a distant memory. But I doubt it. Sooner or later one of the Pats is going to pay the price.

The home teams paid the price during week 8 as they were pummeled to a 2-11 mark. But the homies came back with vengeance and a 10-3 record last Sunday. Denny The Dog reached double digit wins along with the home town sluggers. Here’s hoping the home runs continue into week 10!

Jags +2½ at Titans: Vince Young didn’t look super at all against Carolina. But he’s talking about the Titans going to the Super Bowl. I like the way that guy thinks. Vince is either not real smart or too young to know better. But I love his enthusiasm and optimism! Titans are the sack kings of the NFL and should put plenty of pressure on a very "Gray" area of the Jags team — the QB! Del Rio has said that this is the best team he’s ever had in Jacksonville. But it might not be the most disciplined. Two Jags arrested last week and 8 total players needing bail bondsmen since January! TITANS.

Broncos +2½ at Chiefs: Cutler’s status unknown at press time. I will hang my hat on the home team. I don’t think the Chiefs will lose 2 consecutive home games. CHIEFS.

Bills -3 at Dolphins: Bills have been ham and egging their way at QB with Trent Edwards filling in for J.P. Losman and now vice-versa. I will take either one over Lemon. But the big advantage here should be Lynch. Lynch should make this match-up a cinch! BILLS.

Browns + 9½ at Steelers: Pittsburgh slaughtered the Brownies on week one, 34-7. But that was during the Charlie Frye era. Now they’re flying high with Derek Anderson. Anderson is tall, sports a quick release and has a gun in place of his right arm! If the Browns D shows their face at all, this one should be close. BROWNS.

Rams +11½ at Saints: Too many points for Denny The Dog to give this hungry dog. Especially a dog like St. Louis, still looking for their first win. Saints starting to roll with Brees whipping past the Jags last week. Rams struggling to find an identity with Steven Jackson still ailing. But watch out here. Too many points to pass on. It’s a trap! RAMS.

Falcons +6 at Panthers: The Panthers are 4-4. They’ve dropped their last 2 games. And David Carr was thrown around like a rag doll. Panthers may be searching for Moore, not sure where they’re going to find it. Do you think Carolina should really be favored over anyone by over 3 or 4? FALCONS.

Eagles + 2 at Skins: It’s almost too painful to listen to Andy Reid’s post-game interviews. You can see the pain on his face. The family crisis can’t be helping. No matter what Andy Reid decides to do, life will go on for the Eagles. And so will the inability of the Skins to score points. EAGLES.

Vikings + 7 at Packers: Green Bay is unconscious. I’m not sure anyone in Green Bay, or anyone in the NFL, knows how talented the Packers really are right now. Brett Favre has Packers’ fans pinching themselves every Monday morning. But there’s no denying the Vikes are improving and dangerous in the role of underdog as Peterson proved to the Chargers. VIKES.

Bengals + 6 at Ravens: Even with the status of Chad Johnson unknown at press time, I’m looking for the Bengals to stay in this game. They have the better QB. The Ravens have the better defense but Carson Palmer has always been able to figure out their schemes. BENGALS.

Bears -3 at Raiders: I’m not thrilled with the prospects of betting either of these losers. Take the Bears and lay the small price, at least you’ll know you’ve got the better QB. BEARS.

Cowboys PK at Giants: I think the Cowboys are the NFC’s best right now. The records speak for themselves. Dallas won by 10 on opening day in Dallas. It wouldn’t surprise me to see the Cowboys win by 10 in New York. Giants last 3 opponents were Falcons, Niners and Dolphins, not exactly the best talent the NFL has to offer. Plus, the G-men are coming off a bye which I think will hurt the G-men even more. COWBOYS.

Lions + 1 at Cards: I believe Kurt Warner has seen better days. James could have better days running the ball if the Cards’ offensive line could open even the slightest of holes. There’s not much daylight in those line cracks! There’s no stopping Jon Kitna’s prediction of 10 wins now, especially since there’s help carrying the load now from Kevin Jones. Hey Jon, how about running a couple of naked bootlegs! LIONS.

Colts -3 at Chargers: Colts played a solid game against New England. I think they will go out west and take their frustrating loss out on the inconsistent Lightning Bolts. I’ll take Manning over Rivers and Addai over Tomlinson. COLTS.

49ers + 10 at Seahawks: It’s time for the Niners to stand up on national TV and be regain some respect. No respect until you earn it. There’s no respect in this tall number. Shaun Alexander seems to be running gingerly with his cast. And now his ankle and knee are suspect. 49ERS.