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We see BC rebounding for win vs. Terps

Nov 6, 2007 7:05 AM

 In college football on Thursday night, Louisville visits West Virginia on ESPN. At this time I don’t know the total points but West VA is a scoring machine with two great players, and Louisville seems like they only play nine guys on defense, and 13 on offense.

 Kentucky is a short favorite on Saturday as they visit Vanderbilt. Kentucky, behind a really good quarterback, looks like a reasonable play. Arkansas has the best running back in college in McFadden and although it’s tough to beat Tennessee at home, they could be my choice. Incidentally, they may have the best two running backs in college with a guy named Jones backing up McFadden.

Boston College should be able to rebound from a tough loss and beat a very mediocre team in Maryland. They’re less than a touchdown and figure to show off their excellent QB in Ryan. Again this Saturday night you can get even with Hawaii, which is hosting Fresno State in what surely will be a shootout.

In the NFL I’ve been playing the Bills and they’ve been pretty consistent, so I’ll lay 3 points when they visit Miami on Sunday. I know the Dolphins have to win one sooner or later, but my hope is it will be later. I’ve given up on the Raiders, so I’m suggesting you lay three on the Bears at Oakland. The only problem will be if the Raiders decide to play their No. 1 pick Russell, and if so then I’ll play them twice.

The rookie of the year plays at Green Bay this week and you probably can get plus 7 by game time. I’ll take the 7 and Adrian Peterson, who looks so good even I can’t believe it.

Just a few notes on the passing of the baseball season: The biggest news is the best team in baseball won the World Series. This is not always the case is sports as we all know. Joe Torre got let go or refused an offer or resigned or I don’t know what else but another Joe took his place and he now has to go 3,000 miles to the West to earn a few million dollars per year, which is an inconvenience, but he’s still in the hunt.

The best part of the scenario would have been if the Mets had fired Willie Randolph and hired Joe Torre to run the other New York club. The justification would have been the Mets had the best National League team for the past two years and never got to the dance. However, Torre will love living out west as most New Yorkers do (self included), the proof of which there are so many of us out here.

Somehow the New England area has become the home of champions with the Red Sox, Patriots and now Danny Houdini Ainge has the Celtics in line for winning the east in basketball. Which brings up another point of interest. We all knock Kobe Bryant for his arrogance etc. and not wanting to play for a team that can’t win in the NBA. He’s not all wrong, as the Lakers sat on their hands this year and didn’t improve their club one bit during the off-season. Now they are going to pay for it by either keeping a discontent superstar or unloading him for much less quality and really going down the tubes. Is it possible that Jack Nicholson may buy a courtside seat to the Los Angeles Clippers games?

There were some really interesting college games last Saturday. Boston College, the No. 2 team in the country goes down and my LSU team inches a little closer to their No. 1 position. Ohio State, the current #1, will go down for sure when they meet Michigan on November 17 if not before as they have to get by a much improved Illinois team this week. LSU played lousy at Alabama but somehow still won by 7. D-fence, D-fence.

Perhaps the most exciting game of the day was in South Bend as the Fighting Irish hosted the Naval Academy. The most interesting aspect came very late in the fourth quarter in a tie game and the Irish had a fourth and eight on the 24 yard line. Charlie Weiss, he of the multi-year, multi dollar, long term contract, decided to go for a first down with less than a minute to go in the game. They didn’t make it and the game went into overtime and the Navy team ended up with the victory.

Why you say didn’t he go for the 41 yard field goal and close it out? I asked the same question as I looked at my ticket of plus 3 and a half on Navy. His kicker had already kicked one this season for 48 yards, so he certainly seemed capable of one from 41. Now Sid, don’t be reading things into questionable actions in sports — it just doesn’t happen and I really should know that. As Donald Sutherland said in the great movie "Kelly’s Heroes" — "no negative thoughts." Notre Dame had beaten Navy in the last 43 games, a streak that the aforementioned Charlie Weiss put to rest.

Have a great week!