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Latin Grammys, hot, OJ circus, not!

Nov 13, 2007 6:05 AM

The circus is in town.  No, we’re not talking Bill Clinton who was here earlier on behalf of his favorite candidate, Hillary.  It’s the O.J. Simpson media circus.  Literally hundreds of radio and television personalities and reporters, together with technicians, have flooded Las Vegas.  Streets in the area have been closed, as if we didn’t have enough traffic problems Please people,  get a life!

Seems like several shows will be closing soon.  As reported last week, Hans Klok at Planet Hollywood is on the list of closings.  Was Pamela Anderson, who was appearing with Hans, worth four million?  Over at the Sahara, Masuri is closing and The Producers will soon be lights out at Paris. 

Rumor has it that Mama Mia, after six years at Mandalay Bay, will close in December.  We can only hope the next headliner at Mandalay will enjoy such a great run. 

Another record-breaker set to close is Celine’s A New Day at Caesars Coliseum.  We’re all waiting for Bette Midler’s arrival but with two such popular shows, Mama Mia and Celine Dion, closing at about the same time, let’s hope those seats can be filled with new talent!

Last Friday a memorial service for our beloved Robert Goulet took place and was followed by a private ceremony that included Steve and Edie along with Phyllis McGuire and many other friends of Robert and Vera.

Our condolences also go out to Marie and Donnie Osmond and the  entire Osmond family, who lost their beloved father last week. One hundred Osmonds appeared on Oprah to celebrate the life of their father. 

If you’ve read my column for the last few years, you know Clint Holmes has been a favorite of mine.  His talent is unmatched and he’s been a great friend to yours truly but he’s been a great friend to Las Vegas, too.  Clint and Kelly Clinton were wed on Sunday.  It was a private ceremony with only a few friends and family.  Our best wishes to the happy couple. 

Let’s face it, the reality shows on television have taken over.  That’s not a bad thing especially now with the television writers on strike.  And look at all the new talent.  Like Terry Fator, that fabulous ventriloquist we first saw on America’s Got Talent.  Terry’s been signed to another 15 weeks/shows at the Hilton. 

Another reality show, Dancing with the Stars, will be on tour and set to appear at the Orleans.  Our hometown favorite from the show, Wayne Newton, will be appearing at Harrah’s in a Christmas special.  Dates and times to follow. 

  One thing about shows closing is we can start looking forward to something new.  For starters the Cuchi, Cuchi girl, the wonderful Charo, will be appearing at Rampart on November 25 and rumor is she might be opening downtown at the Golden Nugget.  If you’ve ever seen Charo you know she could light up all of downtown. 

Hat’s off to the Suncoast!  They manage to keep "Old  Vegas" in the spotlight by showcasing some of the top talent of the good old days, the latest being   John Davidson. It’s good to know these seasoned  performers can still  show us how it’s done.

What’s the deal with George Clooney and Fabio?  Fabio is almost seven feet tall (slight exaggeration) and has long blond hair while Clooney is 5’10" with short locks.  Did they really push each other around?  If they would just stand still I’d hit them with my purse. I have quite a reach.

This week I had the privilege of attending  Las Vegas Legends which was sponsored by Coast Casinos and Boyd Gaming.  It was a benefit performance   for Golden Rainbow and was produced by the wonderful Elliot Lieberman.  The show was held at the Orleans and showcased some amazing talents.  We all remember Tempest Storm, Marty Allen , Karen Kate, and  The De Castro Sisters — and Karen Denise who kept tradition alive with "the show must go on" when the  lights went out. 

I told you so.  Jennifer Lopez made the announcement, finally.  She’s pregnant, she’s pregnant.  Don’t ask me how I knew. (But it didn’t cost the life of one single rabbit.)

The Latin Grammy Awards, now in Las Vegas, had a star studded red carpet beginning. Among those walking were Gloria (looking elegant) and Emilio Estevan, Ricky Martin, Reuben Blades, Benjamin Bratt,  and a bevy of  Latin beauties. Latin here, Latin there, Latin everywhere. Let’s face it, their rhythm keeps us dancing in the aisles.