Don’t follow advice of chronic losing players

Nov 13, 2007 6:09 AM

By and large poker fanatics who preach about long-term payback percentages and the benefit of slot club promotions lose — and many lose big. But because they’ve become enthralled with the game and it is nearly impossible to walk away from, their primary directive is to create as much justification for playing on as they can possibly conjure up.

Players of such ilk never enjoy hearing from me that the lure of the game is so strong that only a miracle could get them back on the right track. One tip-off of this type of player is they have long ago abandoned that which used to be a regular and enjoyable staple in their lives: the gambling-free vacation.

What amazes me is how so many players say how they drove from point A to Las Vegas and back, but STILL had to stop at every Tribal casino on the route just to get some play in.

Others seem to take pride in the amount of play they gave the casinos in Las Vegas along with how many royal flushes and jackpots they were able to hit on the "advantage play" machines that everyone talks non-stop about. They then talk about all the points and free meals they collected for their efforts.

But in the end, most of these people tell us they LOST anyway, yet they had a good time and had lots of free food — and they just can’t wait until the next wave of offers shows up in their mail boxes!

But it never stops there. I’ve said this time and again and it’s worth repeating: Casinos have constant promotions to rope players in to play longer and more often than they normally would. The primary target customer base are players who believe they have an advantage over the casinos because of their full pay machines plus the value of the promotion.

Have you ever noticed how the game’s gurus always play in these events? Have you ever heard of any property banning them from attending or closing their doors if they walk in? Do you ever wonder how, if these famous people always say how they win every year and get more gifts and free stuff than you can shake a stick at, that they are allowed to participate?

I think you get the point, and remember it, because the lure to play the game is strong and it’s entirely possible that you too cannot just say no to this promotion nonsense. Video poker is a strong lure for me too and I don’t shy away from that fact. But the big difference is for the past 10 years I’ve been able to control how, when, where, why, and how much/how long I play — and I never get reeled in by special deals lucrative sounding giveaways.

It used to be I couldn’t sit at a video poker bar or cruise through a casino without playing. Today, I can sit all day or night with a machine staring right at me and it has no effect at all. And guess what — nearly everyone in gaming locations who plays the game (and who doesn’t?) cannot make that statement. Contact me and I’ll teach you how.