Survey says: Baby Boomers rule!

Nov 13, 2007 7:09 AM

The results of GamingToday’s readership survey are in, and the tabulation reveals ”¦ Baby Boomers, this one’s for you!

According to a consensus of the hundreds of surveys returned by readers, the largest portion of GT’s readership — more than 80 percent — fall into the "Baby Boomer" category, that is, adults aged 41 and older, with a huge subset in the 56 and older category.

It really should come as no surprise that the bulk of GT’s readers — as well as casino-goers in general — emerge from the generations that grew up on the music of Frank Sinatra, Elvis and Cher.

The post World War II generation cut their teeth on slots, bingo, craps and inexpensive buffets.

And for many casinos, that’s the crowd they target with their amenities, marketing and promotions.

"Our most profitable customers are still the older people whose kids have left home and have more disposable income," says Wendell Long, CEO of Casino del Sol in Tucson, Arizona.

Those sentiments were echoed earlier this year in a speech by Harrah’s CEO and Chairman Gary Loveman, who said Harrah’s biggest and best customers are 45 years and older with the time and discretionary income to spend in the casino.

Loveman added that Harrah’s doesn’t market to 20-somethings who are always broke and too busy, or 30-somethings who are married with kids.

"God bless you, but we don’t need you," Loveman said of the less lucrative demographic groups.

From a regional standpoint, most of those responding to GT’s survey reside in Nevada, though a large number live in nearby states, such as California, Utah and Arizona.

There is also a significant readership in the Northeast, where GT is distributed in Atlantic City and other Eastern seaboard locales.

According to the survey results, most readers, about 70 percent, are male, and a majority of all readers earn in excess of $50,000.

Those demographics also mirror the American casino customer, whose median income is $57,000, according to Harrah’s annual customer survey.

Other characteristics of GT readers — games of preference, gambling budget, frequency of casino visits, etc. — will be published in an upcoming issue.

Finally — drum roll, please — the winner of the free night on the town in Las Vegas is Monica Sandoval of Chula Vista, California.

Monica’s survey was pulled from a box of all those responding. Congratulations to Monica, and GamingToday looks forward to hosting her on her next visit to Las Vegas.

In addition, GamingToday is grateful to all readers who took the time to fill out and return the survey.

"Our readers are the best, and we hope to be able to incorporate their comments and sentiments in the issues ahead," said GamingToday Publisher Eileen Di Rocco. "Even though we’ve been publishing for nearly 30 years, it is always a learning process and we’re grateful to our loyal readers for responding."