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Bally to unveil ‘network’ floor

Nov 13, 2007 7:28 AM

At G2E this week, Bally Technologies, Inc. will showcase its vision of "The Networked Floor of the Future" through formalized relationships, in part, with a variety of leading technological companies.

"These partnerships will provide our customers with a variety of leading technologies, seamlessly integrated with Bally’s already-formidable gaming and systems product lines, to provide solutions for our customers that are cost effective, easy to use and proven in the market today," said Bruce Rowe, Senior Vice President of Strategy and Business Development for Bally.

In addition to its previously announced acquisition of Business Intelligence Data Visualization technology from Compudigm International, Bally has also entered into agreements with:

Certicom Corp.

Bally has licensed the Game Guardian SBG (Server Based Gaming) security platform from Mississauga, Ontario-based Certicom Corp., a global leader in Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC), which has been adopted by the National Security Agency (NSA) for government communications and provides the most security per bit of any known public-key scheme. The platform will be integrated into Bally Technologies’ growing line of server-gaming solutions.

Teradata Corporation

The Ohio-based company’s expertise in data warehousing and enterprise analysis will be utilized to better analyze and manage customer behavior, develop robust marketing strategies and gain new insight into the overall profitability of the business.


This week, Bally will debut TournaMaker, a revolutionary concept that turns a casino’s regular GameMaker slot machines into "roped-off" tournament machines on demand. These services include machine conversion from conventional to tournament mode, player enrollment and tournament game play and leader board data distribution to the gaming machines and overhead signage.

Cisco Systems

Bally has selected San Jose, California-based Cisco Systems, Inc. as its preferred vendor for providing network solutions for both Bally products and technologies that are available today as well as future applications shaped by demand for more server-driven casino operations.

William Ryan Group, Inc.

Bally has expanded its relationship with the Bedminster, N.J.-based company, which holds the rights to several patent pending, proprietary customer service and employee optimization systems and tools for the gaming and finance industries. Bally currently uses its technology with its Bally Slot Management System to recognize valuable players with preferred service, measure service event response and completion times and prioritize slot service requests and peripheral management.

Las Vegas-based Bally Technologies designs, manufactures, operates and distributes gaming devices, systems and technology solutions worldwide. Bally’s product line includes reel-spinning slot machines, video slots, wide-area progressives and Class II games.