Rams are in the black, are the ‘Fins next?

Nov 13, 2007 7:52 AM
7-5-1 81-55-7 59.5

The Rams are on the scoreboard! St. Louis finally got it right on their ninth try and just in the nick of time. Now the Dolphins are the only team without a win left to make fun of . If the fish don’t go into Philly and claim a victory next Sunday, they’ll be the only turkey on the Oh-fer table come Thanksgiving.

If I’m Cam Cameron, I’m staying up late at night thinking of everything under the sun to deflect criticism. One suggestion might be to explain that on draft day the Dolphin representative had a severe hearing impairment. He thought Cam said "Ginn," when in reality he said "Quinn." I’m sure Ted Ginn Jr. will have Miami on the winning track any week now. Just don’t hold your breath unless you think you could not come up for air until Christmas!

Bettors are having a difficult time deciding on whether to side with visitors or home teams. The home clubs hit a home run in Week 9 with an 11-3 performance. But the homies backed that up with a 3-9-1 record last weekend.

Say bye-bye to the bye weeks, all 32 teams are in action beginning this weekend!

Chargers Pk at Jags: I was worried about the Bolts after Peterson ran through their defense like it was Swiss cheese. But there’s no one like Peterson on the Jags side of the ball. Chargers have been able to cover the spread at home the last three games. I’m looking for more of the same. CHARGERS.

Chiefs +16 at Colts: My first reaction was to lay the points but that’s when I thought the line might be around 10. But after further review I have to take the bonus points given to K.C. here for defensive ineptitude, a young QB and an absent Larry Johnson. CHIEFS.

Raiders +6 at Vikings: If the Vikes have a healthy Peterson they’ll be favored by a bundle. I’m not sure of the super rookie’s status at press time, but the feeling here is the Vikes are nowhere near the team they think they are without Peterson. I don’t get a warm, fuzzy feeling from McCown. But I break into a cold sweat just thinking about Bollinger. RAIDERS.

Browns —2 ½ at Ravens: Browns’ D is shaky at best. But McNair/Boller and the Ravens’ worse than lackluster offense makes Baltimore the unplayable side right now. BROWNS.

Steelers -9 at Jets: Jets not showing much character. Jets have been tied or in the lead in 5 out of their last 6 games. They’ve lost every one of them! To add insult to injury, the Jets have been outscored 94-38 in the last quarter. Pittsburgh is showing plenty of character with three straight divisional victories. STEELERS.

Bucs -3 at Falcons: Hotlanta has two big wins in a row. But don’t get too excited over the Falcons beating the Niners and Panthers. Bucs should be well rested. Garcia over Harrington by several lengths! BUCS.

Cards +4 at Bengals: I’m not sure the Bungles can throw a great defensive effort against any team but the Ravens! Cards’ defense showing slight signs of improvement. CARDS.

Dolphins +10 at Eagles: Too many points for a team like Philly to give up. Eagles haven’t even won a home game since September! Miami still looking for their first win. Hey, you never know, the next distraction in Andy Reid’s life might be the first Fish win! DOLPHINS.

Patriots -16 at Bills: The first win versus Belichick’s boys is the feather in the cap that every team is looking for on every weekend. The Pats have a big target on them until they drop Numero Uno. Bills were blown out in first meeting. But this is a different club right now, riding a four game winning streak. BILLS.

Skins +10½ at Cowboys: I’ve been a big Dallas backer so far this season. But I draw the line with double digits! Skins have only lost one game by over 10 and that one was at the hands of the NFL’s best. The Cowboys are really good but they’re not the Pats. SKINS.

Saints -1 at Texans: Home dogs not impressive at 1-3 last week. They were 3-1 in week 9. Home puppies rebound here. TEXANS.

Panthers +10 at Packers: An old QB who’s too sore to move and an offensive line and running back who can’t move the ball. That’s two tough problems to overcome for Carolina. Packers have a great defense, a phenomenal QB and no rushing offense — until last week! Now there’s Grant. PACKERS.

Giants PK at Lions: Both teams coming off crushing losses on the heels of big winning streaks. Both clubs 6-3. Hey Jon, I wonder who will get to 10 wins first? We’re getting to the time when home field should be a real advantage. LIONS.

Rams +3 at 49ers: Marc Bulger coming off a great game at New Orleans. Jackson also should provide a big edge over a disappointing Frank Gore. RAMS.

Bears +4 at Seahawks: So you thought you’d seen the last of Rex Grossman. Not so fast. Rex was back last Sunday at Oakland and he was Good Rex. Cedric Benson even showed up for the game. Would it be asking too much for these two bums to show up two weeks in succession? BEARS.

Titans +3 at Broncos: Titans should have handled the beat up Jags last week but couldn’t get the job done. Now the job gets tougher on the road. Titans loss to Jags followed three straight wins. But on closer inspection, the three wins may not be as impressive as you might have thought. Panthers, Raiders, and Texans are not exactly the cream of the crop! BRONCOS.