BCS picture now in focus

Nov 13, 2007 8:32 AM

I’d say we are sure to get a good game this Thursday as two Pac-10 teams square off in Arizona. Oregon, who definitely is in the BCS mix, comes out as a 13 point favorite. They deserve every bit of the spread, as they are a very explosive team behind QB Dixon. If I were the coach I’d try to score as much as I can to help sway the voters.

It may mean being one of the top two teams in the BCS, and an opportunity to be the number one team in the country. I thought we’d have a shootout Friday between Hawaii and Nevada, but the all world quarterback for Hawaii has some health problems and may not even play. He either leads or is tied for the all-time touchdown record in college football.

On Saturday BYU is an 11½ point road favorite against Wyoming, a team coming off a 50-0 defeat at the hands of Utah, a team that is not nearly as good as BYU. Need I say any more!

Notre Dame is a 5 point favorite over a perennial weak Duke football team. Can we find anybody in this country that will wager on this team? I might, but please don’t tell anybody that I did.

How can anybody beat Miami 38-0 at the Orange Bowl? Well, Virginia did last week and now they face a scrappy VA Tech team as a visitor. What in the world happened to this team that used to be a top 10 team for years and years?

In the NFL I think a 44 point total is much too high as the hapless offense of the Ravens host the high flying Cleveland Browns, who gave away a game to the Steelers last Sunday.

The Saints are coming off of a real bad defeat by the lowly Rams (1-8) and figure to get back on track at the expense of the Houston Texans. Get on them early as a 1 point favorite before it goes to 2 and a half or more on game day.

The Redskins are plus 10½ at this moment, which I think is very high for any two teams in the NFC East. Take the points and hope Joe Gibbs knows how to shorten a game, as I’m sure he does.

Don Shula, the ex-coach of the undefeated Miami Dolphins of 1972, made an interesting assessment of the current New England team who surely are going to threaten their only spotless record this year. He claimed that because of the "spygate" incident with the New York Jets, if and when they go undefeated the record books should put an asterisk behind the record due to their poor moral behavior of perhaps stealing defensive signals during a game.

Each year when a threatening undefeated team loses its first game, many members of that 1972 team celebrate that once again they were the only undefeated team in pro football. An ugly picture usually appears in papers and on T.V. of champagne toasting; celebrating not of their achievements but really they expound joy at the misfortune of the team that threatened their record. To the Dolphins of 1972 I say:


He who lives in the past,

goes downhill very fast.

Today is the day you should focus on,

because yesterday’s deeds are forever gone.

Wish not that your record survives,

wish only that your sport still thrives.


And incidentally Don, I don’t care how many pounds you and your lovely wife have lost on the Nutra System; I’m not going to try it.

I received a lot of feedback on my paragraph on Notre Dame and Coach Weiss’ fourth down decision of going for a TD on fourth and 8 instead of kicking a tie breaking field goal. It reminded me of another incident that happened some years back in a game against Boston College. The Irish were ahead by over 20 points in the fourth quarter and they had this game in hand, but had not quite covered the point spread and they were forced to kick on fourth down. Much to my surprise they faked the kick and made a first down and went on to score. On this occasion I was elated as I had laid the points, so the expression of "what comes around goes around" actually took place.

Dennis Francone, the soon to be fired coach of Texas A & M, has been charging $1,200 per season for inside information on his web site. I can’t imagine anybody subscribing to his exclusive service of game plans, key injuries, etc. for that much money. Why pray tell would anybody want to know this stuff when they can see it all on Saturday on free T.V.? In case you didn’t realize it, you’ve just passed over the "Joke of the Week."

Have a great week!