There’s beauty in them cards!

November 19, 2007 4:59 AM


We are currently on our fall tour and are finding so much beauty in the various states we’re visiting.

Yes, just look around you. This earth sure is a beautiful place. And it is so nice to be here in this world, which is the third rock from the sun.

Guess what? I see beauty in a poker hand, as well.

Now, unless you train your eye you cannot become a connoisseur of the arts. You will have great difficulty in recognizing a Rembrandt, Picasso, Degas, Michelangelo, Monet, Leonardo da Vinci or any of the other great old masters.

I know that we cannot buy works of art like Steve Wynn does and spend ten’s of millions of dollars to purchase a self-portrait of one of the great masters as Steve did when he purchases another masterpiece.

But, we can appreciate the beauty of the great masters’ works and go to the museums and art galleries to enjoy all the masterpieces that are on exhibit.

Yes, I can see beauty in poker cards. Unless you train your eye you cannot see the beauty in the five of diamonds and the three of spades.

Now, a lot of players can see the beauty of the ace of hearts and the ace of diamonds, especially when they see them side by side in their hands; or when the two aces are their two hole cards when they are playing seven card stud or hold’em poker.

Carol, I am not advising you or the folks or any of my serious students of poker to disregard the Top 20 beautiful cards in the deck: The Monarchs (KK), the Queens (QQ), the Jacks (JJ) or even the Squares (10s).

But, I do remember that I tell the story in my book "The Gentleman Gambler" of the little five of diamonds and the three of spades in the 30 Cadillac game. I will not tell the story again here for lack of space but if the folks want to Email me at I will be happy to make sure that they get the complete story.

I will share the beauty that I saw in those two little cards when they helped me win the most money that I have ever won in one pot in my life.

There will be days when you will play poker for a long time and you will not see enough of the 20 beautiful cards to keep your money from drifting away from you.

When you are having one of those days when you search for the beauty of the big cards but you can never seem to find them, then you must look for the beauty in the little baby cards or my Little Okie’s cards — the little suite-connected cards like 6 and 7 and 5 and 4.

If you want to become a master poker player, you must learn to become a master painter. You need to be able to think of the three of diamonds as a masterpiece and then you should think, as Descartes did when he said, "I think therefore I am."

Honey, you should think of the little card as a masterpiece and the card will become a masterpiece.

Oklahoma Johnny Poker Tip of the Week

When the dealing is done and you are counting the money, you will find that there are 32 cards in the deck that are not as big as 10s and that these little cards will play a large part in determining who wins a lot of the money.

Like mother said, "beauty is as beauty does" and sometimes you will lose your money when you play with the big beautiful cards. The beauty is that the little cards will win a lot of pots for you.

Mother was so right: That the beauty does show up when you drag in a nice pot with a hand that other players may not have been able to see the beauty in. Just stack the chips and smile and enjoy the rewards of the beauty of small cards.

Look again for the beauty in the next two cards that you hold.

Please, always remember that you are a Renaissance poker player and when you think that you find yourself in a Baroque condition, that in truth you may only be out of Monet.

Until next time, remember to stay lucky!